REWE Group at a glance

We are part of your world every day: As a trade and tourism company we are a constant companion, whenever you are shopping for food or DIY and gardening items, snacking on the go or planning your next holiday. Identifying and understanding our customers’ needs and desires is the basis of our group’s work throughout all business segments.

We feel responsible.

We employ around 390,000 people in our stores, headquarters, and logistics operations.

Total external revenue 2022
2021 76.76 billion euros
2022 84.76 billion euros

Total external revenue 2022

Total external revenue from continuing operations grew by 10.4 per cent from 76.76 billion euros to 84.76 billion euros.

Sales lines

  • All 40
  • Retail Germany 10
  • Retail International 5
  • Convenience 3
  • DIY Store 2
  • Travel and Tourism 18
  • Other 2

Retail Germany

In Germany, REWE Group operates around 6,000 REWE, PENNY and nahkauf stores as well as our company-owned production operations: the bakery Glocken Bäckerei and the quality butcher Wilhelm Brandenburg.

Retail International

We are operating around 3,500 supermarkets and stores internationally. These include discounters and supermarkets such as PENNY and BILLA, as well as BIPA drugstores.


Our customers live increasingly busy lives, so food has to be fast, but nonetheless delicious. This is the mission of our convenience stores.

DIY Store

With more than 300 stores in its portfolio and over 15,000 employees, toom Baumarkt is one of the leading DIY store brands in Germany.

Travel and Tourism

DER Touristik Group’s network of travel experts extends to 16 European countries.


Other brands that belong to the REWE Group.

We operate internationally

In Germany and 20 other countries we are present with our brands, stores and travel agencies, on a stationary basis and online. Germany is our home market: Here, we generate more than 70 per cent of our total revenue. Food retail is our largest core business segment.

Represented internationally.

We have stores, travel agencies, and an online presence in Germany and 20 other countries.

Austria BILLA, PENNY, Bipa, ADEG, DERTOUR, Meiers Weltreisen, BILLA Reisen · Belgium Conway, Koning Aap · Bulgaria BILLA · Croatia BIPA · Czech Republic BILLA, PENNY, DERTOUR, Meiers Weltreisen, EXIM tours, Fischer Group · Denmark Apollo · Finland Apollo · France Kuoni · Hungary PENNY, DERTOUR, Meiers Weltreisen · Italy PENNY · Lithuania iki · Netherlands Lekkerland, Prijsvrij vakanties · Norway Apollo · Poland DERTOUR, Meiers Weltreisen, EXIM tours · Romania PENNY, DERTOUR · Slovakia BILLA, DERTOUR, Meiers Weltreisen · Spain Conway · Sweden Apollo · Switzerland Kuoni, Helvetic Tours, ITS Coop Travel · UK Kuoni

How it all began…

In 1927, seventeen purchasing cooperatives joined forces to collectively organise the purchase of food. They united to form a cooperative corporate group that is operating internationally and successfully today. As a cooperative with a nearly 100-year tradition, we are well aware of our ecological and social obligations towards future generations. Securing a sustainable future is our mission.

‘Revisionsverband der Westkaufgenossenschaften’ (Western Buying Co-operatives Auditing Association), or REWE for short

In 1927, 17 purchasing cooperatives joined forces with the goal of collectively organising the purchase of food.

A pioneer in sustainability

Sustainability: one word, many perspectives. As a trade and tourism company we are well aware of our special responsibility towards humans and the environment. For us, sustainable corporate governance means not only achieving the best for our employees and customers, we even go far beyond this.

More than a trend.

Sustainability has been anchored in our mission statement since 2008 and practiced through our group-wide sustainability management.

Retail: Individual and diverse

In German food retail, we operate REWE and nahkauf supermarkets, the discounter PENNY and convenience stores. Online at rewe.de, we are one of the biggest players in food retail with our delivery and pickup services. In Germany, we also operate service-oriented toom Baumarkt DIY stores and B1 Discount Baumarkt DIY stores for price-sensitive DIY customers.

Represented with stores in 10 countries

In the food retail sector in Germany, we operate the REWE and nahkauf supermarkets, the PENNY discount stores and convenience stores.

Lekkerland Group – our specialist for snacking on the go

In combination with logistics and the wholesale expertise of Lekkerland Group, we are well-equipped also in the ever growing convenience business, offering our customers a wide range of ready-to-eat products. The Lekkerland Group supplies petrol stations, kiosks, convenience stores, bakeries, retailers and quick service restaurants. Besides Germany, the Lekkerland Group is also represented in Belgium, the Netherlands and Spain. In Belgium and Spain, the group is operating under the Conway brand.

“Your most convenient partner”

Lekkerland has specialised in food for snacking on the go for more than 60 years.

Diversity and competence in Tourism

Travel and tourism forms our second core business under the umbrella of the DER Touristik Group. Every year, millions of guests travel with one of our tour operators or specialists. We care for our guests even on site: our group-owned travel agency network is present in 29 destinations with 74 agencies. Our employees serve the guests of DER Touristik Group during their holiday from the arrival to their departure.

Over 130 companies in 16 European countries are part of our tourism portfolio.

We are looking for talents.

We offer you diverse job opportunities in an exciting environment. In addition to classic sales activities in stores and branches, we employ people in around 300 different occupations in our corporate departments, stores, travel agencies and warehouses. Trainee, employee or manager: People with all levels of professional experience are welcome.

Apprenticeships and dual degree programmes

In addition to traditional sales activities in our stores and branches, we offer around 300 different job profiles.