Strength through diversity

Successful thanks to diversity.

As an international company, our employees hail from 150 different nations.

Competence is not a matter of age.

To us, what counts is the interplay of practical experience and fresh, innovative ideas.


In 2013, we established our LGBT network, which has been committed to advancing tolerance and acceptance at the workplace ever since.

% 24 female retail managers
% 76 male retail managers

One in four of our independent REWE supermarkets is managed by a woman.

LGBTQ: Proudly diverse

The REWE Group is a modern employer that is committed to tolerance and diversity. We welcome all people, regardless of sexual orientation, and treat everyone without prejudice. No one should feel the need to hide their sexuality or sexual identity for fear of bullying, bias, or any other form of discrimination. Our LGBTQ network,, is dedicated to ensuring that everyone feels comfortable at the REWE Group.

We interact with one another with openness and tolerance – and this also holds true when it comes to the sexual orientation of our employees.

Lionel Souque, Chief Executive Officer
Lionel Souque  (Chief Executive Officer)
Lionel Souque, Chief Executive Officer

Promoting the advancement of women: Our Plan W

Although women account for two-thirds of REWE Group employees, they are still underrepresented at the highest levels of management. This is something we want to change, and we attach particular importance to bringing our female employees into positions of leadership.

Our female employees offer enormous potential for our company. We need to take advantage of that potential and bring them into positions of leadership.

Dr Daniela Büchel, Member of the Management Board – Chief People and Sustainability Officer
Dr. Daniela Büchel
Dr Daniela Büchel, Member of the Management Board – Chief People and Sustainability Officer

Nationalities: Diversity makes us strong

More than 150 nationalities in one company: A global perspective is in our DNA and makes our cooperative strong. By working together across national and cultural boundaries, we – as a company, but also as individual employees – take advantage of our full potential in a diverse, colourful world.

Inclusion: Eliminating barriers

People with physical or intellectual impairments are no less capable of productive work – provided they have a job that fosters their talents and a barrier-free workplace. The REWE Group is taking a number of steps to ensure successful inclusion.

Across generations and life stages: Old and young are strong together

Should the old give way to the young? No, because without the involvement and encouragement of experienced employees, companies are deprived of valuable knowledge. By the same token, older employees can often learn from their younger colleagues. The REWE Group therefore sets great store by a balanced mix of generations.