As a high-quality convenience store with family-friendly prices, BILLA has been working hard for 70 years to help its customers live a fuller life.

BILLA was founded in Austria and has been one of the country’s most successful grocery retailers for close to seven decades, with over 33,000 employees at nearly 1,300 locations. For many years, BILLA has also enjoyed success in several European countries. The full CEE product range is available at 799 locations employing around 21,400 staff at BILLA in Bulgaria, Slovakia and the Czech Republic and at IKI in Lithuania. – In Austria, the company operates BILLA, BILLA PLUS, BILLA Corso and the BILLA Online Shop. BILLA is among Austria’s largest employers, with more than 33,000 at its nearly 1,300 stores in the country. BILLA offers customers everyday local convenience and expertise with the human touch. BILLA’s successful hypermarket BILLA PLUS offers a market experience, an extensive product range, outstanding fresh produce, exclusive deli items and delicious food freshly prepared in-store. BILLA Corso occupies a unique position in the premium market, offering an exclusive range at five outstanding locations. Sustainability is a key aspect of the corporate strategy, and around two thirds of stores are already energy efficient. – Regional products and private labels are especially popular among consumers in Bulgaria. Thanks to the BILLA Card loyalty programme, more than 1.5 million members can enjoy exclusive benefits when shopping. BILLA has operated in Bulgaria for over 20 years, providing secure employment to its 4,800-strong staff and training young entrants to the workforce. BILLA Bulgaria is involved in programmes to support the local economy and community, such as the “BILLA wants you” initiative, which creates attractive employment opportunities for people in the country. – Contemporary, attractive and well-stocked. This is the impression created by BILLA’s Slovakian stores, which offer an impressive range of regional and local produce alongside a wide selection of daily staples. Approximately half the items originate from Slovakia. BILLA has operated stores in Slovakia for 30 years and has over 162 individual stores. With a workforce in excess of 4,200, BILLA Slovakia is also one of the country’s largest employers. A sustainable approach to business and reducing energy consumption are two of the company’s explicit aims. – BILLA Czech Republic’s vast selection of fresh produce is the key to its success. BILLA has operated in the Czech Republic for 30 years, with its first store opening in 1991. With an annual turnover in excess of 1 billion euros, it is BILLA’s flagship company in central and eastern Europe. BILLA Czech Republic operates more than 250 stores with over 6,800 employees. In addition, there are BILLA Stop&Shop locations at more than 70 Shell filling stations.