Apfelplantage der Fa. Krings. Bienenhotel am Apfelfeld, unterstützt durch den NABU.

Preserving and promoting biodiversity

2019 6120000
2021 8800000
2022 13550000

Flower strips in hectares, which we had planted and upgraded by the middle of 2022 as part of our biodiversity projects.

Together, we promote biodiversity.
2018 300
2021 540
2022 540

Together, we promote biodiversity.

We are working together with over 540 farmers in Germany and Austria in the PRO PLANET project to promote biodiversity.

In Germany, we are aiming to switch to farms that support biodiversity for the production of more, outdoor-grown regional fruit and vegetable produce by 2025.

In Austria, we want to protect a total of 1,000 hectares of endangered ecological land by 2022 through the charitable foundation ‘Blühendes Österreich’ (Flourishing Austria).

Our commitment to biodiversity.

We have invested approximately three and a half million euros in six different biodiversity and environmental protection projects.

Preserving biodiversity is an important criterion used to design more sustainable product ranges. Biodiversity criteria can be addressed through systems of standards, such as Bio, Fairtrade, the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC®), the Rainforest Alliance and the Marine Stewardship Council (MSC). They are also used in the Guidelines the REWE Group has drawn up for raw materials such as palm oil, fish, and cocoa. Impacts on biodiversity are also examined during analyses conducted for the PRO PLANET label. This allows measures to be taken for preserving and promoting biodiversity in certain projects.