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Our four pillars for more sustainability

The REWE Group sustainability strategy is based on four pillars. Under each of these pillars of sustainability, we have defined specific areas of action.

Green Products

The manufacture of our private-label products has an impact on people, animals, and the environment. We are addressing the challenges involved and working hard to offer an ever-greater number of more sustainable ranges. We always consider the entire supply chain and take action where we consider social and environmental standards to be under threat.

We promote local produce, organic products and products featuring our PRO PLANET label. In addition, we are systematically optimising packaging and are committed to biodiversity. We are also working on facilitating more sustainable tourism. In the areas of action ‘people’, ‘animal’, ‘environment’, and ‘nutrition’, we are developing measures to reduce ecological and social impact.

Improved packaging.

To save resources, we have already optimised the packaging of more than 2,000 private-label items.

With us, less is more.
In total %
products 100

With us, less is more.

The sugar and salt content of our private-label products has been subjected to careful scrutiny.

2019 6120000
2021 8800000
2022 13550000

Flower strips in hectares, which we had planted and upgraded by the middle of 2022 as part of our biodiversity projects.

Energy, Climate & Environment

CO2 emissions are generated everywhere: at farms, production facilities, and in the supply of services, as well as by logistics processes and stores. That is why saving energy and avoiding harmful emissions are high on the agenda for REWE Group. In the areas of action ‘energy efficiency’, ‘climate-relevant emissions’, and ‘conservation of resources’, we are developing effective measures to reduce the impact of our actions on the climate and the environment.

Green buildings
In total 371
REWE supermarkets 263
PENNY supermarkets 90
toom Baumarkt DIY stores 18

Green buildings

With the green building concept, we, the REWE Group, are following a new standard for sustainable supermarkets.

In total -11.6 %
saved greenhouse gas emissions 11.6

Reduction of greenhouse gas emissions for all countries and companies of REWE Group by 30 % by 2030 (compared to 2019).

Our climate targets
2006 2010 2013 2017 2019 2021
CO₂ 100 69 58 51 50

Our climate targets

Achieved in 2021: Reduce greenhouse gas emissions per square metre of retail space in Germany and Austria to fifty percent of 2006 levels.


Dedicated, well-qualified employees contribute immensely to the company’s success. This is why we do a great deal to foster satisfaction, performance and productivity. Besides fair pay, we offer additional company benefits, flexible working models and tailored ways to help our employees achieve a healthy work/life balance.

The corporate culture of REWE Group fosters a trusting and respectful relationship among employees, customers and business partners. In the areas of action ‘values and culture’, ‘training and professional growth’, ‘health and safety’, ‘job and phases of life’, and ‘diversity and equal opportunity’, we are developing measures to promote successful cooperation.

We educate.

In 2023, the target of 5.5 percent apprentices as a proportion of the workforce was achieved.

Internal filling of management positions

Our goal is to recruit managers from within our own ranks and to develop qualified employees in the long term.

Social commitment

We actively support local communities in many regions of the world. The development of children and young people is particularly important to us. One area in which we are striving to make a difference is in combating inequality. Here, we rely on strong partners and involve customers and employees in our projects, which both strengthens the sense of community and extends the reach of the projects. We are involved in a great many projects in the areas of action ‘conscious diets and exercise’, ‘opportunities for children and adolescents’, ‘vigilant approach to food’ and ‘biodiversity and environmental protection’.

Together against food waste.
In total 84 %
% 84

Together against food waste.

84 percent of our REWE and PENNY stores as well as sales lines in Austria work with local food banks.

Breakfast power for children.

Together with food banks and other partners, REWE provides participating schools with so-called Power Boxes with a variety of foods.