Climate protection for our future

Our climate targets

Limiting global warming to 1.5 °C: We join the Science Based Targets Initiative with the REWE Group.

Net-zero emissions

Our ambitious goal is to achieve net-zero emissions as a Group by 2050.

Our targets

  • By joining the Science Based Targets Initiative (SBTi), REWE Group has committed itself to science-based climate targets based on the 1.5-degree pathway of the Paris Climate Agreement.

  • Our ambitious goal is to achieve net-zero emissions as a Group by 2050.

  • The focus here is not only on drastically reducing emissions in our own activities, but also in our supply chains.

Green stores for a green future: The Green Building Concept

We operate stores in Germany and Austria and in nine other European countries. The construction and operation of the stores cause the use of energy and other resources. We are aware of this and we lay great emphasis on systematically reducing the consumption by using energy-efficient technologies, regenerative energies and sustainable wooden construction. All new buildings in Germany are constructed in accordance with the standards of the German Sustainable Building Council (DGNB). Our successful implementation of the Green Building Concept demonstrates that building and operating more sustainable stores has ecological and economical benefits 

Green energy for stores, warehouses and travel agencies

As an internationally operating company we are aware that our operations cause the use of energy, in stores or travel agencies, during transport or in administrative buildings. Energy is used for cooling and lighting, for heat generation and fuels are used for transporting goods from warehouses to the stores and online orders to the customers. We want to use energy in a responsible way and reduce the negative impacts on the environment by using alternative energy sources. We focus on reducing our specific use of energy and want to use and produce renewable energy. Moreover, we aim to secure a diverse use of energy. EHA Energie-Handels-Gesellschaft, the central energy service provider of REWE Group, is our reliable partner 

Fresh wind for green energy

Total megawatt capacity

The new Borkum Riffgrund 3 offshore wind farm in the North Sea will have a total capacity of around 913 megawatts.

Solar power for the future

Photovoltaic is among the most important sources of generating energy of the future. We have to use the power of the sun a lot more to achieve the energy transition. Retail plays an important role in achieving this, because the roofs and open spaces of stores offer great potential for installing photovoltaic plants. In years to come, we will install hundreds of photovoltaic plants on selected buildings of our corporate group. The green power generated this way is used for our own operations while at the same time uniting the cost savings within our cooperatively organised company. All operations are profiting from the solar power – not only those that have solar plants installed on their roof. In terms of a diversified supply we protect ourselves from market price risks and reduce the use of the energy supply system 



REWE Group invests in climate protection

REWE Group is investing in climate protection and in diversifying its electricity supply. It has now commissioned an exemplary photovoltaic system in the northern region.

Reducing emissions in the supply chain

Beside CO2 reduction on the company level we are also working on reducing the greenhouse gas emissions in our supply chains – our purchased goods at REWE and PENNY in Germany. We will be able to achieve this only in cooperation with our suppliers, because a large part of the emissions is caused in the upstream value chain and their sub-suppliers.

Strong partners: REWE Group and NABU

Since 2015, a strategic partnership over many years links us with the Naturschutzbund Deutschland e.V. (NABU). Together with NABU we support strong and effective climate protection projects on topics like marine conservation, packaging, resource conservation and promotion of the biologic diversity. In task forces and strategic workshops we are working on roadmaps to achieve our sustainability targets together with NABU. 

Since 2022, a new component for REWE in Germany is the NABU climate fund. It was established to purchase or lease former moors and wet grasslands and renaturate them as effective carbon reservoirs. By 2025, more than 25 million euros are used for renaturating moors in Germany and the EU. Moors are known to be large CO2 reservoirs. They must be conserved and renaturated. The first space for renaturating a moor near the German city of Cuxhaven is secured. 

Taking up speed: We use alternative drives

We are testing different alternative drives to protect the climate and the environment. Our trucks transport goods, fresh and cooled products among them, over hundreds of kilometres. We are conducting our tests on a broad basis, because it remains unclear which forms of alternative drives will prevail in the future.  

Company-owned hydrogen fuel cell trucks are rolling through the REWE regions West and North. They are fuelled with hydrogen generated by using renewable energies and make their tours without producing any emissions. 

In Berlin, seven electric trucks supply more than 300 REWE stores. Our cooperation with the Swedish transport technology company Einride enables us to save hundreds of tons of CO2. Moreover, our trucks make their tours through the capital city of Germany considerably more quietly. The vehicles are reloaded at our logistic site in Oranienburg. More testings will follow.