REWE digital

Create. Future. Retail. Now. Our provider of online solutions in all of the REWE Group’s markets.

REWE digital bundles the REWE Group’s strategic online activities. Its goal: to become the leading provider of digital solutions in all of our markets.

As a driver of innovation for the REWE Group, REWE digital is shaping the digital future of retail – here and now. It is developing the shopping basket of today, tomorrow and beyond, implementing the latest fulfilment solutions, and completely reworking current workflows – always with the aim of making the perfect digital supermarket a reality.

Around 500 agile experts with inquisitive minds and an eagerness to experiment see the digital revolution as a unique opportunity to constantly seek out the best solutions to make everyday shopping across all channels easier. REWE digital works towards this every day using agile methods and collaborating across functions and teams in a dynamic working environment in Cologne, Berlin, Ilmenau, and Sofia.