Lekkerland, the specialist for snacks on the go, advises and delivers to 74,500 sales points throughout Europe. The company has 5,100 employees and generated revenues of 13.7 billion euro in 2021.

Lekkerland’s customers include petrol stations, kiosks, convenience stores, bakeries, food retailers and quick-service restaurants. Lekkerland offers its customers in four European countries innovative services, tailor-made logistics and a wide range of wholesale products.

In addition to Germany (63,151 serviced sales points and 3,235 employees), Lekkerland also operates in Belgium (6,949 serviced sales points and 497 employees), the Netherlands (11,206 serviced sales points and 769 employees), and Spain (4,482 serviced sales points and 497 employees). The company operates under the name Conway in Belgium and Spain.

In all countries, Lekkerland focuses on the needs of its customers and consumers. In keeping with the slogan “Your most convenient partner”, the company’s vision is to be just that for its customers – the best partner they have.