EXIM tours

EXIM tours & KARTAGO tours – Successful in Eastern Europe.

DER Touristik Cologne has held a 51% participation in EXIM tours a.s., based in Prague, since 2012. The EXIM group operates on an international level with the tour operator brands EXIM Tours (Czech Republic and Poland) and KARTAGO Tours (Slovakia and Hungary).

EXIM Tours is the number one in the Czech Republic and also one of the largest tour operators in Poland. KARTAGO Tours is doing well in Hungary and is the second largest tour operator in Slovakia.

The focus is on package tours in the 3 to 4 star hotel industry in the Mediterranean area (Egypt, Tunisia, Turkey, Greece, Morocco and Spain). EXIM also offers a comprehensive range of long-haul products in the Caribbean and other long-haul destinations. The portfolio will be extended to include hotels in Europe for which customers organise their own travel as well as ski holidays.