With over 3,700 stores across the country, REWE is one of Germany’s leading food retail companies. REWE stores are run as subsidiaries or by independent REWE retailers.

REWE has a variety of store formats with retail units ranging from 500 to 5,000 square metres. These include nahkauf local convenience stores, REWE full-range supermarkets, REWE Center superstores and innovative REWE To Go convenience stores. And where there is life there is a REWE store, providing everything people need for home, lunch, the weekend or travel. The full-range stores are conveniently located and stocked with local product ranges designed to meet the specific requirements of the people in each neighbourhood. Yet the stores themselves are anything but “off the shelf”. They are creatively designed to blend in with the surrounding urban landscape and the architecture of the individual premises, while being suitable for commercial use, and this gives them their own unique flair and character. With wide aisles, low shelving, a coherent and appealing layout and a wide range of services, REWE also satisfies the customer’s desire for a convenient shopping experience.

REWE is Germany’s first food retailer to combine an online shop with a delivery and collection service. At present, around 90 percent of German households can order fresh produce online through REWE’s central delivery service and REWE’s collection service. Depending on local availability, the online range includes between 15,000 and 20,000 products and offers the same selection as our brick-and-mortar stores.

Online shopping has been available at shop.rewe.de since 2011 and customers can have their purchases conveniently delivered to their door in what is now more than 75 towns and surrounding areas. Customers can click and collect their pre-ordered goods in a matter of minutes from over 1,300 REWE collection stores across Germany.