Digital responsibility

We’re more than just an industry pioneer in online grocery shopping – from marketing to distribution to procurement to logistics, we’re driving digitalisation in all of our business areas. For us, the development and use of complex technologies comes with a special responsibility.

Our bet on the future

The digital demands being placed on commerce and tourism are growing daily. The concept of having the “internet in your pocket” is now a given when it comes to shopping. The REWE Group recognised this trend years ago and is now an industry leader in online grocery shopping. We are also adapting the brick-and-mortar business in our stores and travel agencies in line with current technological challenges as well as changing customer needs. Working in close collaboration with REWE Systems, our REWE digital business unit is expanding the company’s e-commerce offerings while simultaneously anchoring digitalisation in the DNA of our cooperative group: from marketing to distribution to procurement to logistics.

Order food online – across Germany.
In total 90 %

Order food online – across Germany.

With the centralised REWE delivery service and the REWE pickup service, about 90 percent of German households can order fresh food online.

We deliver.

With the REWE delivery service, customers can place orders online and have their purchases delivered right to their door in 75 cities.

Logistical milestone.

The first high-tech Food Fulfillment Center 2.0 offers some 20,000 products. By comparison, an average REWE market stocks about 10,000.

The new way to travel: digitalisation in tourism

Combining online and offline channels to form a comprehensive omnichannel offering is crucial for more than just REWE Group’s e-commerce sales channels. Our tourism business must adapt in line with this development as well and provide offerings to customers wherever they are: at home, on the road or in a traditional travel agency. DER Touristik in Germany has done this by, for example, developing interactive online platforms like DER.COM and MyITS, which serve as digital supplements to the DER sales network. The platforms make it possible to provide customers with close support before, during and after their trip via various channels and to maintain direct contact with them throughout.

Guidelines for artificial intelligence

Over the past several decades, artificial intelligence (AI) has transformed into one of the most exciting and challenging issues of our time. At REWE Group, we develop and use AI applications in order to better meet the wishes and needs of our customers, optimise logistics processes, make work easier for employees and much more.
But the possibilities represented by AI also mean we must assume greater digital responsibility and ensure that AI is used ethically. We believe the development of artificial intelligence projects require forward-looking and reliable guidelines. To this end, we have developed the REWE digital AI Manifesto.

This document was written together with our colleagues in Technology, Research & Innovation, Communications and Public Affairs, and it provides clear, easy-to-understand recommendations for developing and using AI and AI applications. Our handy manifesto is intended to help software engineers to develop sustainable and responsible systems. In addition, we maintain an awareness of the potential risks of AI if improperly used and developed. The manifesto is intended to avoid such risks. After all, ethical questions are just as important to us as technological or economic progress.