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No more dragging home heavy bags of dog food, cat litter, and all the rest! ZooRoyal, a REWE Group company, has offered convenient home delivery of excellent pet products since March 2014 – now with free delivery on orders of €29 or more. Founded in 2008, ZooRoyal is now the leading online store for pet food and accessories. ZooRoyal’s slogan is “For animals like yours”, and the online store aims to serve as an expert partner to all pet owners who want to give their animals only the best.

ZooRoyal carries some 10,000 innovative products for fish, dogs, cats, terrarium animals, small animals, pond life, birds and horses – everything you need for your pet! ZooRoyal even covers niche areas, such as BARF and VET diets. In addition to brands both large and small, ZooRoyal carries exclusive brands which are also available in many REWE markets. And there are many more products available for pet owners: from high-quality aquariums with accessories to tasteful and sturdy scratching posts, and everything related to pond equipment – at ZooRoyal, you’ll find quality and service at a good price.

ZooRoyal also provides its customers with technical expertise on its website, such as its ZooRoyal online pet magazines featuring informative and helpful answers to all questions related to pets, including advice from a number of animal experts and veterinarians. Subscribe to the ZooRoyal newsletter for all of the latest news and information about current offers, exciting sales, new products and competitions.