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REWE Lieferservice (Delivery Service)

REWE is setting trends in online retailing with online supermarket REWE Lieferservice

Doing grocery shopping online is a booming trend and the demand for innovative shopping solutions is on the rise. To meet the customers’ needs, REWE introduced the online supermarket REWE Lieferservice. Due to a well-structured delivery process, customers can now do their grocery shopping no matter where they are–for example while relaxing on their sofa, riding the tube or sitting in a cafe. Dairy products, fresh fruit and vegetables, cold cuts, frozen food, drinks or health and beauty products: With just a few clicks in the online shop or in the REWE app customers can get their shopping done. They can take their pick from the wide range of goods REWE has to offer. Throughout the whole picking and delivery process, our employees make sure to maintain the cold chain to ensure the items are fresh and of highest quality. Whether the order will be processed in a local market or a REWE Lieferservice warehouse nearby depends on the customer’s post code. REWE Lieferservice employees will commission each order carefully, as if they were shopping for themselves. This means that apples and bananas, for example, will be checked closely before being put in the delivery bag. Once the customer has added all products into their online shopping basket, the only thing left to do is picking a slot for the delivery, adding a delivery address and choosing a payment method. Slots are open from Monday to Saturday, between 8am and 10pm. Customers pay electronically–either by credit card, debit card, PayPal or invoice. Only after the order has been completed, customers will be charged. An order is completed once the goods have been delivered and accepted and the customer has had the chance to hand in discount coupons and bonus cards, as well as return empty returnable bottles and cans–all of which can alter the invoice total. New customers will get their first delivery free of charge. For any further deliveries, REWE Lieferservice charges an amount from 0 euros to 5.90 euros, depending on the value of the items placed in the shopping basket and on the slot booked. If customers are on holiday or are planning a big dinner, an order in advance might be the way to go. Orders can be placed up to 13 days in advance. And if, in the meantime, a customer notices that more or less items are needed, orders can be changed accordingly until one day before the delivery is due. Customers can also refuse unwanted or damaged items during delivery. By buying online at REWE Lieferservice, customers can quickly and easily do their weekly shopping.

REWE Abholservice

Convenient service: customers order online and pick up their shopping at the supermarket Additionally to buying groceries at the local supermarket or getting them delivered by REWE Lieferservice, REWE offers a click & collect service called “Abholservice”. At the moment, that click & collect service is available in more than hundred locations. REWE Abholservice is the right service for those customers that are mobile and are in need of more flexible shopping opportunities. If customers have no time for a regular grocery run, they can order online and collect them later at the supermarket. The click & collect area is separate from the actual supermarket and has its own checkout area, making long queuing unnecessary. That way, shopping only takes a couple of minutes. Even same-day collection is possible: The earliest pick-up slot is three hours after the order has been placed. During the order process online, customers can choose a specific time slot that fits their schedule best. Ordering the groceries is easy: Customers enter one of the participating locations on and choose “Abholservice”. Afterwards, they can fill their basket with whatever items they want. Almost the whole local range of products is available—including, but not limited to, fruit and vegetables, dairy products, cold cuts, frozen food and drinks. There is no minimum order value, only a service charge of 2 euros per order. Once the order has been placed, customers will receive a confirmation via e-mail. The order collection is quick and easy as well: Customers can park on exclusive parking spaces near the separate click & collect entry. Once inside, a REWE employee will hand over the order and collect payment for it. Payment methods are the same as in the regular supermarket: customers can pay in cash as well as via debit or credit card. They can also hand in discount coupons and bonus cards, return empty bottles and cans and withdraw cash. A location in Bavaria runs a test for a different kind of click & collect service: customers in Fürstenfeldbruck will find a cooled click & collect box instead of a separate area where they can pick up their orders. There they can sign in with their individual sign-in-number, which they will receive with their confirmation e-mail. Customers pay electronically via debit or credit card and can then proceed to pick up their order—even around the clock. The supermarket in Fürstenfeldbruck doesn’t offer return of bottles and cans. Not all of the local supermarket’s products are available for purchase through the cooled click & collect box.