REWE Group
Annual Report 2022

REWE Group has successfully navigated through the year 2022. A year that was primarily characterized by the war in Ukraine and its consequences. Once again, our consistent course and our broad and solid international positioning proved their worth during the crisis. As a cooperative, we are committed to sustainable business, long-term growth and, above all, a strong community.

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"We invest our earnings almost entirely

in the company - that makes us strong from within. We have proven this every day

over the past few years.

To the benefit of our customers,

our merchants and

our employees."

"We invest our earnings almost entirely

in the company - that makes us strong from within. We have proven this every day

over the past few years.

To the benefit of our customers,

our merchants and

our employees."

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Lionel Souque
Chief Executive Officer
REWE Group

"We function like a family"

Telerik Schischmanow, CFO of the REWE Group, explains why it is increasingly important to take precautions, the Group’s planned new directions in financing, and the advantage of being a cooperative.

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"As EHA, we offer reliability"

Energy prices remain a crucial issue for retailers, producers and consumers. At REWE Group, we also focus on sustainable business practices and take a long-term view, particularly when it comes to energy. This includes the long-term portfolio management strategy of our energy wholesale subsidiary, EHA. In this interview, managing partner Jan-Oliver Heidrich talks about long-term procurement strategies, short-term factors affecting the price of electricity, and the green electricity of the future.

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REWE Group
Annual Report 2022
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REWE Group
Annual Report 2022

Milestones of the year 2022

As a cooperative, we focus on sustainable business, long-term growth and above all: a strong community. The milestones of 2022 reflect this with numerous projects and initiatives.

REWE Group named Top Employer 2023


The Top Employers Institute has recognised the REWE Group as being a Top Employer for the eighth year running. The certification covers 20 HR areas, including “People Strategy”, “Work Environment”, “Talent Acquisition”, “Learning” and “Diversity & Inclusion”.

Fruits and vegetables: product availability, supply chains and sustainability


From rising prices to supply bottlenecks, gloomy news is dominating headlines around the world, to say nothing of COVID. Eugenio Guidoccio and Markus Bobenhausen from the REWE Group’s Ultra-Fresh Products 1 division report on the current situation on the fruit and vegetables market.

Tackling food waste: PENNY’s Bio-Helden organic heroes range a big hit


With the launch of its Naturgut Bio-Helden organic heroes range in 2016, PENNY blazed a trail for the rest of the industry by selling organic fruit and vegetables with little “imperfections”. Depending on the harvest, the line now includes up 37 seasonal “organic heroes”. Revenue has grown by more than 27 per cent since the line was launched. Purchasing manager Patricia Hirsch has more on the story.

Aid for Ukraine’s war refugees


We’re lending a helping hand: In addition to the legions of foreign companies that supply food to help feed Ukraine’s refugees in their respective countries, the REWE Group is also doing its part at its headquarters in Cologne to help ease the pain and suffering. Thanks to the logistical support provided by toom Baumarkt and REWE Group Logistics, we make sure that all new arrivals receive care packages with food donated by REWE and PENNY.

REWE Group expands Management Board


The REWE Group appointed Christoph Eltze as at 1 July 2022 and Dr Daniela Büchel, Peter Maly and Hans-Jürgen Moog as at 1 January 2023 to the Management Board. Together with CEO Lionel Souque, Deputy Chief Executive Officer Jan Kunath and Telerik Schischmanow, going forward, the seven members on the Management Board will focus on promoting collaboration throughout the Group between the business units and creating additional synergies in the Group.

IT for store-based retail: An interview with REWE Systems CGO and CCO Stefan Matzelle


As the Chief Governance Officer (CGO) and Chief Commercial Officer (CCO), Stefan Matzelle is responsible for IT in store-based retail, logistics, and governance at REWE Systems. In the interview, he discusses the challenges, REWE Systems’ collaboration with other divisions and his plans going forward.

Convenience store concept pilot: nahkauf opens first grab&go 24-hour store


Many rural areas have hardly any local convenience stores left. This is also the case in Pettstadt in the district of Bamberg, which has around 2,000 inhabitants. “Josefs nahkauf Box” offers a solution to this: the first unstaffed “grab&go” convenience store, providing food and other everyday items at almost any time of the day or night. The goal of the pilot store is to find forward-looking solutions for supplying rural communities with the essentials.

REWE Green Farming in Erbenheim named “Store of the Year 2022”


The winner of the competition for the most innovative and exciting retail properties in Germany is the REWE Green Farming pilot store in Wiesbaden-Erbenheim. This unique building concept combines modular supermarket architecture with sustainable construction and operation as well as an aquaponic rooftop farm for growing food in an urban environment.

Diversity network “Netzwerk Vielfalt” celebrates first year at REWE Group


We established a dedicated network to help champion diversity throughout the REWE Group. Petra Meyer Oechel sits down in an interview to explain how that works and why true diversity is about more than just having diverse teams.

Acquisition complete: DER Touristik Group fully takes over premium resort brand Aldiana


Aldiana, the premium provider for resort holidays, is wholly owned by DER Touristik Group: following antitrust approval, the acquisition of the premium resort brand has now been successfully completed. With the acquisition of Aldiana, DER Touristik consolidates its Group-owned hotel portfolio.

Managing Director of EHA, Jan-Oliver Heidrich: “We offer reliability”


Energy prices remain a crucial issue for retailers and consumers alike. Managing Director of German energy company EHA, Jan-Oliver Heidrich, on the long-term procurement strategies and short-term factors influencing energy prices.

Digital holiday planning: where human meets machine


In June 2021, DERTOUR Reisebüro launched the consulting platform Since the launch, a lot of work has been done to optimise the mix of personal advice and artificial intelligence, all of which follows a consistent and successful digitisation strategy.

Standard & Poor’s upgrades REWE Group’s rating


Standard & Poor’s (S&P) has upgraded the REWE Group’s rating from BBB- to BBB with a stable outlook. In its analysis, S&P commended the REWE Group for its stable business profile that includes excellent market positions in Germany, Austria and the Czech Republic.

For the good of the environment and climate and to reduce energy consumption, REWE will no longer produce paper flyers


The end of an era for the retail sector: REWE is the first food retailer in Germany to take the decision to move away from printed flyers. This will have a huge impact on the environment, climate, and the sustainable use of resources, saving more than 73,000 tonnes of paper, 70,000 tonnes of CO2, 1.1 million tonnes of water, and 380 million kWh of energy per year.

A team approach to climate protection


Companies that want to reduce their carbon footprint need to work closely with their suppliers, because the majority of greenhouse gas emissions come from supply chains. Therefore, the REWE Group launched the “Together for Climate Protection” initiative. An overview of the results thus far.

A leadership job-share: one role, twice the brains


We promote a healthy work-life balance in a number of different ways. One example: job sharing. Daniela Charalambis and Kathrin Tischer explain just how that works.

REWE is the first food retailer to send its sales flyer via WhatsApp


After announcing that REWE will be the first large retailer to discontinue its paper flyers by summer 2023, the Group is taking the next logical step in the digitisation of its sales flyers. Now anyone can receive their preferred REWE store’s sales flyer conveniently on their mobile, every Sunday via WhatsApp.

Partnering to save the moors: REWE pledges at least 25 million euros to the NABU climate fund


REWE feels it has a responsibility to address the issue of climate protection and, going forward, it wants to be part of the solution even more than before. To this end, REWE has pledged a minimum of 25 million euros over the next five years to support the climate fund of Germany’s Nature and Biodiversity Conservation Union (NABU). This is a joint investment by two long-time partners in measurably reducing greenhouse gas emissions.

New service: vegan products now also available at REWE service counters


In a nationwide pilot project, REWE is now also offering vegan products at the service counters in 50 selected stores. This new service further bolsters the REWE Group’s strategic goal of keeping pace with the vegan food trend and offering consumers product ranges to meet their needs.

New Executive Board at the DER Touristik Group from January 2023 onward


DER Touristik has a new senior management team: A newly appointed Executive Board comprising three of the most experienced senior managers at DER Touristik will be at the helm of the REWE Group’s Travel and Tourism division and will report directly to the CEO, Lionel Souque. Dr Ingo Burmester (CEO, Central Europe), Leif Vase Larsen (CEO International), and Boris Schnabel (CFO Group) talk about their plans and strategies for the future.

Telerik Schischmanow, CFO of the REWE Group, on the challenges of difficult economic times


Telerik Schischmanow, the new REWE Group CFO, explains why continuing to invest, even in times of crisis, matters, discusses the challenges associated with this strategy, and outlines why the concept of variety doesn’t necessarily apply to shopping trolleys.

REWE digital and REWE Systems to merge


Operating as a single entity allows REWE digital and REWE Systems to be most effective for the REWE Group. That’s why we’re combining the expertise and the innovative spirit of some 2,200 employees under one company: REWE digital GmbH.

Aral pulse and REWE introduce fast charging at 180 REWE stores in Germany


REWE has expanded its partnership with Aral to install Aral pulse fast-charging stations at 180 REWE stores across Germany, allowing customers to charge while they shop. Thanks to the cooperation with Aral pulse, at least 720 charge points with a charging capacity of up to 54,000 kW will be installed by the end of 2024. This makes Aral one of REWE’s most important e-mobility partners in Germany.

Ten years of deliveries


Ten years ago, REWE made its first foray into online food retail. In this interview, E-Commerce Director Drasko Lazovic discusses the sustainability of the COVID effect, synergies with bricks-and-mortar retail, and when he rides his bike to his local shop.

EnBW EV fast-charging stations now in operation at REWE store


Energy company EnBW and the REWE Group opened the first location resulting from their major e-mobility partnership. At the REWE store in Meerbusch-Büderich near Düsseldorf, the first four fast-charge points are now in operation. All told, EnBW and the REWE Group’s partnership will bring hundreds of fast-charging stations to Germany.

REWE and nahkauf donate 2.64 million euros’ worth of food to Tafel food banks


The “Gemeinsam Teller füllen. Wir helfen vor Ort!” initiative (Putting Food on People’s Plates Together) kicks it up a notch: REWE, nahkauf and customers have donated 487,000 bags of food to food banks operated by the charity Tafel Deutschland e.V. in Germany.

REWE ends partnership with German Football Association


Following FIFA’s decisions on the “One Love” armbands and the remarks by FIFA President Infantino, the REWE Groups is clearly distancing itself from FIFA’s actions and will forgo its advertising rights under the agreement with DFB, particularly in the context of the World Cup.

Lionel Souque to remain Chief Executive Officer of the REWE Group until the end of 2028


The Supervisory Board of REWE ZENTRALFINANZ eG extended Lionel Souque’s contract as CEO of the REWE Group for a further five years until the end of 2028.

First fully autonomous REWE Pick&Go store opens in Munich


After two tests with “hybrid” city shops in Cologne and Berlin, REWE Pick&Go has reached the next milestone and opened the first fully autonomous REWE store in Munich’s city centre. At the store at Karlstrasse 36, courtesy of Pick&Go, customers can shop quickly, securely, and conveniently without needing to check out.