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21 September 2022

New service: vegan products now also available at REWE service counters

Nationwide pilot in more than 50 stores
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Selected REWE stores are now also offering vegan products at their service counters. Customers will thus be able to obtain advice on the products and buy the precise portions that they need. This new service further bolsters the REWE Group’s strategic goal of keeping pace with the vegan food trend and offering consumers product ranges to meet their needs.

Plant-based alternatives for meat, sausage, cheese, and fish will all be offered as part of the vegan selection at the service counters. Products include vegan salami and vegan liver sausage, vegan barbecue skewers and vegan steak, various mature cheese alternatives and vegan delicatessen salads. The new range will typically be located at the delicatessen or cheese counter in REWE stores. The vegan products are identified by the V-Label vegan label, which offers immediate transparency and clarity.

REWE considers promoting a vegan diet to be important in the overall protection of animals, the environment, and the climate, so we are excited to bring fresh vegan products to the service counter and complement our already large vegan range. REWE is thus playing an important role in making a plant-based diet as accessible and varied as possible for consumers, says Stefan Weiss, Head of Sales at REWE.

The vegan section at the service counter is fully separated from products of animal origin. A panel is used to ensure the clean and hygienic separation of display areas and guarantee that only products labelled as vegan can be found in that section. In addition, separate plates, bowls, and serving instruments are used for the different products. Separate storage areas and counter partitions are used to prevent any contamination of vegan goods with products of animal origin. The new service has already been launched at REWE stores in Berlin, Dresden, Cologne, Düsseldorf, Bonn, Munich, Hanover, and Hamburg. Since 19 September, the service has been available on a trial basis at over 50 stores throughout Germany.

In the full-range stores, REWE stocks various speciality vegan brands alongside its own-brand products. Depending on store size, the number of vegan alternatives available may exceed 1,000 different products. And because the customer’s desire for sustainable vegan products is increasing, REWE plans to continually expand this range. But why is REWE so committed to vegan food? Because a plant-based diet is a diverse and varied diet and is even good for the environment. Because those who eat vegan are making a contribution to greater climate protection.

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Raimund Esser
Head of Corporate Communications at
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