3 March 2022

REWE Group aiding Ukrai­nian refu­gees in Col­ogne

Support for the German-Ukrainian association “Blau-Gelbes Kreuz”
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Working in partnership with the 1. FC Köln football club

Cologne. The REWE Group and its companies are aiding Ukrainian refugees. When the first people fleeing from the war in Ukraine arrive in Cologne in the coming days, they will find food packages donated by REWE. PENNY has also donated food for the numerous volunteers who are helping them. REWE Group Logistics and toom Baumarkt are providing logistical support in the form of warehouse materials, pallet jacks and trolleys. While providing this aid, the REWE Group is also supporting the registered association “Blau-Gelbes Kreuz” (Blue and Yellow Cross), a German-Ukrainian organization based in Cologne, and is working closely with the 1. FC Köln football club which is also committed to helping refugees from Ukraine.

REWE Group’s Chief Executive Office, Lionel Souque, commented: As a company, not only are we currently working together with our foreign subsidiaries in Austria, Lithuania, Slovakia, the Czech Republic, Romania, Bulgaria, Italy, Croatia and Hungary to organize emergency aid and food supplies for the many refugees arriving in these countries and Poland, we are also committed to providing aid here in Cologne, where our group has its headquarters. We are assisting refugees from Ukraine with donations and with the personal commitment of our employees, and we are delighted to have such strong partners in the Blue and Yellow Cross and FC Köln.

About REWE Group

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Ines Schurin
Group Director Corporate Communications at
REWE Group