26 October 2022

REWE and nahkauf donate 2.64 million euros’ worth of food to Tafel food banks

Customer campaign results in 487,000 food bank donation bags – a sign of solidarity and humanity
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Help that is urgently needed: REWE, nahkauf and customers have donated 487,000 bags of food to food banks operated by the charity Tafel Deutschland e.V. in Germany. In the next few days, the distribution centres will receive long-life food worth 2.64 million euros to give out to those affected by poverty, including refugees, the unemployed, senior citizens, single parents and young people on tight household budgets. From 10 to 22  October, more than 3,700 REWE and 450 nahkauf stores nationwide, as well as the REWE online shop, asked customers to donate to the purchase of food bank donation bags for their local food bank. The motto of the grassroots campaign was “Gemeinsam Teller füllen” (Putting Food on People’s Plates Together).

REWE COO Peter Maly: The growing numbers of people unable to afford a healthy, balanced diet in this country is a tragedy. Food banks play a vital role in society in supporting people affected by poverty. They should not be left to go it alone. For me, the high level of donations achieved demonstrates once again that solidarity is alive and well in Germany and that our customers’ support of food bank users continues unabated.

Jochen Brühl, Chairman of Tafel Deutschland e.V.: More and more people are currently asking for the support of the food banks because they can no longer afford basic food staples. Many areas are seeing a decline in food donations and volunteers are stretched to their limits. The food donated as part of REWE’s food bank bag donation campaign goes directly to helping people affected by poverty. We would like to express our sincere thanks to the customers of REWE and nahkauf as well as to the company itself for their solidarity during this difficult time.

The 2.35-kg donation bags were each filled with six foods agreed with Tafel Deutschland: rice, noodles, cream of tomato soup, pretzel sticks, granola bars and cookies. Customers were charged 5 euros per bag, which would then be placed in the in-store donation box intended for the local food bank. Volunteers are currently collecting the donations and will distribute them to food bank users at the distribution centres in the coming weeks. REWE itself donated a further 200,000 euros to the food banks, which follows on from the 500,000 euros of emergency aid for Ukraine refugees in April 2022.

REWE has cooperated closely with the food banks since 1996. For example, local distribution centres receive surplus food from the stores and warehouses on a daily basis. This is largely fresh produce that will soon be out of date, but can still be consumed safely. On top of this, the company gives financial donations as well as organising and implementing campaigns with the participation of customers.

About REWE

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Raimund Esser
Head of Corporate Communications and Spokesperson REWE Markt