12 January 2022

Manage­ment Board at REWE Inter­national AG exten­ded through 2025

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The Supervisory Board has extended the contracts of Marcel Haraszti, Michael Jäger, and Christoph Matschke through the end of 2025 and has done so before the contractually agreed date, thereby expressing its confidence in the REWE International AG Management Board. Espen B. Larsen, who took on responsibility for full-range stores (BILLA, IKI) in Eastern Europe at the start of 2021, rounds out the team. These contract extensions set the course for reaching ambitious goals in the coming years.

An excellent foundation of trust and the consistently good and constructive cooperation with colleagues were deciding factors in extending the contracts early. I am very pleased that we will continue to work together in the coming years on the renewal and further development of our Austrian and international activities in a challenging competitive environment. We have taken and implemented ground-breaking decisions in Austria and our other countries in the last few years and have done so with passion and commitment. We have reorganized our administration and merged BILLA and Merkur in Austria, both as organizations and brands. We have specifically strengthened our activities in Central and Eastern Europe, and in Italy. And we want to successfully continue on course for growth at full power and with stability, explains Jan Kunath, Deputy Chief Executive Officer of the REWE Group and Chairman of the REWE International AG Supervisory Board. We have just the right team for this, and by extending our Management Board contracts through the end of 2025 we are affirming this course for growth, Kunath continues.


The REWE International AG Management Board:

Marcel Haraszti (46) has served on the Management Board of REWE International AG since 2017 and is responsible for BILLA, BIPA, and ADEG in Austria, BIPA Croatia, the jö Bonus Club, and Corporate Communications.

Michael Jäger (50) is responsible for PENNY International, which consists of the discount business in Italy, Austria, Hungary, the Czech Republic, and Romania, and has been on the REWE International AG Management Board since 2013.

Espen B. Larsen (50) completed the Management Board quartet at the beginning of 2021. His areas of responsibility include the full-range business in Central and Eastern Europe and BILLA in Bulgaria, Slovakia, and the Czech Republic, as well as IKI in Lithuania.

Christoph Matschke (47) has served on the REWE International AG Managing Board since early 2017, with responsibility for International Business Solutions as well as Finance, HR, IT, Logistics, and Radio Max.

The Supervisory Board has extended the contracts of Marcel Haraszti (upper left), Michael Jäger (upper right), and Christoph Matschke (lower right). Together with Espen B. Larsen (lower left) they are forming the REWE International AG Management Board.

About REWE International AG

About REWE International AG

REWE International AG is Austria’s leading local supplier for food and drug stores, operating over 2,570 BILLA, PENNY, BIPA and ADEG supermarkets as well as BILLA and BIPA Austria online stores. With approximately 46,600 employees, the company is among Austria’s largest employers. REWE International AG is part of the REWE Group, one of the leading Europe trade and tourism groups. REWE International AG serves the Austrian market with a number of private label brands, including Ja! Natürlich, BILLA bio, clever, Wunderlinge, Hofstädter, Da komm ich her!, Vegavita, Chefmenü, Simply Good, Wegenstein, and bi good. The company is also active in the domestic tourism market with ITS BILLA Travel and JAHN REISEN.
From its headquarters in Vienna’s Neudorf, the company directs not only the business in Austria, but also the REWE Group’s international retail business (Handel International), including BILLA markets in Bulgaria, Slovakia and the Czech Republic, PENNY discount markets in Italy, Romania, the Czech Republic and Hungary, the IKI supermarket chain in Lithuania, and BIPA specialist health and beauty stores in Croatia. As of the end of 2020, the Handel International had a workforce of around 95,000 employees in ten countries, and the 4,480 stores generated gross sales of 19 billion euros.

Ines Schurin
Group Director Corporate Communications and Company Spokesperson