Employment and cooperatives

We voice the concerns of our 384,000 colleagues and represent the REWE Group’s interests regarding policy. The following sections give a more in-depth view of how this translates across a range of policy areas.

Lab­our Short­ages / Streng­thening Econ­omic Mig­ration

The labour shortage is becoming ever more acute across all industries. One key approach to tackling this shortage is by strengthening economic migration, which the German government has included in its coalition agreement. We absolutely welcome this step, as we are increasingly feeling the labour shortage ourselves. However, this strengthening must be both targeted and effective.

We are hiring

As one of the largest employers in Germany, the REWE Group recruits around 50,000 new employees annually in Germany alone.

Legally compliant deployment of external (digitalisation) specialists within agile projects

Workplace digitalisation is a requirement for all businesses and is already a reality for the REWE Group, encompassing app development, online ordering, the latest warehouse and delivery software and the design of successful cutting-edge technologies. However, one of the key success criteria is the flexible deployment of internal and external digitalisation specialists which, at present, poses huge challenges with regard to legal compliance.