5 July 2024

PENNY Italy at Milano Pride

Diversity and integration are also promoted internationally at REWE Group
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With the claim “It’s Your Turn”, PENNY is committed to diversity and integration: For the first time, PENNY is an official partner of Milano Pride 2024 and Pride Sport Milano and took a stand at the parade in Milan.

Diversity at PENNY Italy

PENNY Italia today has 5083 collaborators, 65% women, 28 nationalities, and an infinite number of political, religious and sexual orientations. A precious diversity that makes the company’s human capital its greatest value: it is therefore with the strong awareness that diversity – and therefore inclusion – is an asset, that PENNY proudly chooses to be a partner of Milano Pride 2024 and Pride Sport Milano, confirming itself as the first and only retailer to support community activities through sponsorship.

A PENNY Italia carriage, led by Drag Queen La Wanda, joined the celebrations of the Milan Pride parade on Saturday 29th in the afternoon, for the entire route, for a moment of celebration, but in which to confirm the company’s full support for a an inclusive, egalitarian approach that sees diversity as a natural added value to society as well as to life itself.

The carriage was voted the most sustainable and entertaining carriage in the parade. Sustainable because it was exclusively powered by electricity and all plastic parts were 100 per cent recycled. Entertaining because the sound quality was excellent and the music was selected by La Wanda. Two reasons to nominate the carriage for the Italian Pride in October. This is when the most beautiful, committed and musically outstanding floats of all Pride parades in Italy will be honoured.

Our aim is to create a positive environment in which diversity is seen as a sign of strength and a source of innovation and inspiration. And the best way to demonstrate this is to be an official partner and participant of Milano Pride.  

Marcello Caldarella, Corporate Communications Manager & Spokesperson at PENNY Italy
Marcello Caldarella, Corporate Communications Manager & Spokesperson at PENNY Italy



PENNY Italy – Milano Pride

PENNY Italy is an official partner of Milano Pride 2024 for the first time and is championing diversity and inclusion with the claim “It’s Your Turn”. PENNY is flying the flag at the Milan Pride Parade and is taking part with its own float, led by the Italian drag queen and LGBTIQ* activist La Wanda.

Support for an inclusive culture

It’s a question of responsibility – Nicola Pierdomenico, CEO & President PENNY Italia tells us -. Those like us who experience diversity and inclusion as fundamental social assets every day, appreciating their infinite value, have the duty to take a position and demonstrate our support for an inclusive culture that sees respect for individual choices as its maximum expression. As a company belonging to the REWE Group – also a supporter of ‘diversity & inclusion’ – which today employs almost 400,000 people around the world, we are convinced that there is true progress only when economic and social dynamics are capable of generating collective well-being without any distinction.

For the entire month of June, i.e. the “European pride month”, PENNY stores throughout Milan dressed in rainbow colors with transparent and clear communication that invites you to act, to take a position, which pushes you to be yourself: “It is YOUR TURN”.  Honorary testimonial of the campaign is the Drag Queen of reference in the Milanese LGBTQIA+ panorama, La Wanda, present with her image but also physically at the events of the Milan Pride programme. The language of the campaign will then be expressed in other messages, equally unequivocal, still on a retail theme, such as “100% HATE FREE”, “NO DISCOUNTS ON RIGHTS” and “ONLY LACTOSE INTOLERANT” 

In June PENNY was also be present as a guest at the Pride Sport Night at the Teatro Dell’Elfo in Milan; the brand then took to the field – in every sense – also with a five-a-side football and volleyball team for the PRIDE SPORT ARENA tournaments on 22 June, at the Arco Della Pace, where there was also a dedicated stand where PENNY gave away athletes and visitors the possibility of shooting a professional video in “red carpet” style, through the Thor system, the robotic camera system equipped with artificial intelligence. 

PENNY Italy at Milano Pride

PENNY Italy employees celebrate the Milan Pride Parade on the PENNY float.

Italian drag queen and LGBTIQ* activist La Wanda and a PENNY Italy employee kiss at the Milan Pride parade.

The PENNY Italy float drives through the street filled with celebrating people at the Milan Pride parade.

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