3 March 2022

REWE Group to invest billions in its international operations. The REWE Group targets significant expansion and investments for its international retail business. According to Deputy Chief Executive Officer Jan Kunath, the group aims to increase its gross sales to more than 20 billion euros through organic growth and to expand to around 5,000 stores by 2025. It plans to make investments totalling around five billion euros between 2021 and 2025.


With its strategy of targeted investments and small-scale acquisitions, the REWE Group is focused on safeguarding and strengthening its market position in the countries where it is already active. I would rule out further expansion into other countries at this time, explains Kunath. However, if the opportunity arises to achieve an attractive market position in a central, southern, or eastern European country through the acquisition of a supermarket or discounter, it will certainly be examined. The REWE Group currently operates around 4,500 stores in Austria, the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Italy, Bulgaria, Romania, Hungary, Croatia, and Lithuania.