1 July 2021

REWE Group presses ahead with digital business models

Technology subsidiary paymenttools to create an innovative payment platform.

REWE Group has just generated additional momentum for digital business models. The company has established a Cologne-based technology subsidiary called “paymenttools” ( and will develop its own B2B payment platform for customers and partners.

With the addition of “paymenttools”, REWE Group will become the first food retailer in Germany to offer complete payment processing for stationary and online purchases as well as digital and stationary food shopping and travel opportunities from a single source. REWE Group has been successfully and profitably operating its own payment network for nine years.

“With the help of paymenttools, we will support all stations along the omnichannel customer journey,” said Jan Kunath, the Deputy CEO of REWE Group. “We will be the only food retailer in Germany that has an entire eco-system that extends from the order and delivery to payment. We will excite our customers and partners with the high level of comfort and security that we can provide them. Strategically speaking, paymenttools also represents an important step in our diversification strategy.”

The company plans to expand its payment-service portfolio in future years, he said. Dr Klaus Wirbel, Head of Finance / Group Treasurer, added: “REWE Group is already one of the largest girocard network operators in Germany with nearly 1 billion transactions annually. Bundling other payment process was the next logical step to take.”

About REWE Group

The cooperatively organized REWE Group is one of the leading trade and tourism groups in Germany and Europe. In 2021, the company generated a total external turnover of 76.5 billion euros. Founded in 1927, REWE Group operates with around 380,000 employees in 21 European countries.

The sales lines include REWE, REWE CENTER and BILLA as well as BILLA PLUS and ADEG supermarkets and consumer stores, the discounter PENNY, IKI, the drugstores BIPA and the toom Baumarkt DIY stores. The company also operates convenience stores REWE To Go and the e-commerce activities REWE Lieferservice and Zooroyal. The Lekkerland Group comprises the wholesale activities of the business group in the area of on-the-go consumption.Travel and tourism under the umbrella of DER Touristik Group includes the tour operators DERTOUR, ITS, Meiers Weltreisen, Kuoni, Helvetic Tours, ITS Coop Travel, Billa Reisen, Koning Aap, Exim Tours and Fischer as well as more than 2,300 travel agencies (e.g. DERTOUR, DERPART, Kuoni, Exim, Fischer and cooperation partners), the hotel brands Sentido, Aldiana, Calimera, Cooee, and the online travel portal Prijsvrij Vakanties.

Andreas Krämer
Spokesperson REWE Group