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Geschäftsbericht REWE Group 2023

REWE Group
Annual Report

Tackle. Shape. Securing the future. This attitude is part of REWE Group’s cooperative DNA and has carried us successfully through the year 2023. Despite persistently difficult framework conditions, REWE Group, with its broad international positioning in retail and tourism was once again able to close the business year on a stable and successful note.

To transcript of the foreword by CEO Lionel Souque



Foreword Lionel Souque Annual Report 2023

The CEO of REWE Group, Lionel Souque, finds introductory words for the Annual Report 2023 in a video message. To see English subtitles, please select them in your player.

Key figures

REWE Group’s total external revenue climbed by 8.9 percent, rising from 84.8 billion euros to 92.3 billion euros. Around 390,000 employees contribute to the company’s success.


billion euro total external revenue


billion euro total external revenue

“We are a strong community”

Telerik Shishmanov, Chief Financial Officer (CFO) of REWE Group, explains why REWE Group has increased its investment volume, why we are also focussing on sustainability in financing and what the biggest challenges will be in the coming years in terms of finance and investment.

To interview

Telerik Schischmanow the Chief Financial Officer (CFO) of REWE Group

Telerik Schischmanow

Chief Financial Officer (CFO) REWE Group

Keeping a firm eye on the future

The turnover of the REWE Group – excluding independent retailers and at-equity companies – rose by 8.8 per cent from 77.2 billion euros to 84.0 billion euros last year.


billion euros


billion euros

Milestones form the year 2023

As a cooperative, we focus on sustainable management, long-term growth and, above all, a strong community. The milestones for 2023 reflect this with numerous projects and initiatives.