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Mission Statement

The four core components of the REWE Group mission statement - mission, core values, vision and maxims - reinforce the Group's common identity while boosting the long-term solidarity of every part of the business, including employees and retailers united under the umbrella of the REWE Group - from the Management Board through to store, warehouse and travel agency level.


The core values of the REWE Group:

  • We act independently according to the idea of community.
  • We work for the customer. We are at the heart of the market.
  • We welcome new directions. Standing still means going backwards.
  • We act with integrity and treat one another with respect. We keep our word.
  • We strive to find the best solution, make considered decisions and act consistently.
  • We are aware of our responsibility and act sustainably.

The best performance - for customers, retailers and employees

Based on this REWE Group mission statement, the SBUs developed their own specific visions and maxims. In doing so, all of the SBUs are oriented towards the REWE Group's vision "The best performance - for customers, retailers and employees" and develop alternatives tailored to the needs of the respective sales line. In addition, the mission statement and usage options are an integral part of management seminars and are emphasised in the young managers' development programme.