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Leading oneself

During this first training workshop, you will, in the course of discussions with the other participants, think about and compare your attitude, your own values and your behavioural patterns with theirs. During these interchanges, you have the opportunity to reclassify the ways you affect other people and to adapt your actions to specific situations. You interact with your colleagues, meet new colleagues from other units and cultures, and expand your network of contacts.


  • Definition of personal development KPIs based on the REWE Executive Success Factors.
  • Recognition of your own strengths and patterns of behaviour and response; utilisation of resources to achieve objectives
  • Reflection on your role as an executive and mover in the Group as well as adjustment to changed requirements
  • Recognition of behavioural patterns in critical situations and expansion of your own “comfort zone”
  • Determination of learning fields and experimentation with changes in behaviour
  • Expansion of leadership repertoire for specific situations
  • Commencement of work on the Leadership Masterpiece
  • Introduction of reflection process with other colleagues

Learning goals

  • Experience your effect on others and assess the impact.
  • Extend your personal concept of leadership.
  • Learn how to deal appropriately with difficult dialogue partners.
  • Recognise your own motives and develop options for action on this basis.


3 days

Design Offices
Köln Dominium
Tunisstrasse 19–23
50667 Cologne, Germany

Kerstin Kromer (ComTeam Academy + Consulting)
Peter Kraushaar (ComTeam Academy + Consulting)
Gabriele König (ComTeam Academy + Consulting)