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Welcome to the RISE-Program

As a new member of the Management Academy, you can find all kinds of information about the "RISE" program starting in March 2019.


Welcome to the REWE Group Management Academy!

Successful executives benefit from the ability to compile quickly various viewpoints, contribute ideas and encourage innovations, then secure decisions and collaborate with their teams to implement the decisions with determination. The sustained development of these management skills requires executives to grow with and through their associates, their teams and their employees. The RISE Program at the Management Academy wants to support you in the ongoing development of your career and leadership personality and, above all, to prepare you for future leadership challenges relating to (for example):

- The assumption of greater responsibility for personnel, budget and results;

- The implementation of changes relating to strategy, structures, processes and digitalisation;

- Achievement of the orientation of your (executive) team to targets and optimal general conditions for best performance;

- The proactive development of your purview.

Growth is important for REWE Group on both the corporate and personal level. Changes are a dominant topic in the organisation and the market environment and will continue to be dominant in the long term. Many internal changes demand the ability “to grow together” and to cooperate in dealing with complex thematic issues.

Our intention in offering the RISE Program is to sensitise, train and prepare you for more complex challenges and — last, but not least — to enable you to “grow”.

Sincerely yours,
Vivien Schmitt and Sabine May

Contents and Structure

RISE – Your Space for Rising

Three training workshops focusing on leadership and strategy implementation are waiting for you. The primary emphasis of the RISE Program is on usability and transfer of sophisticated contents to practical application in everyday work and on best practice — interaction with one another and networking. Regard the training workshops as a space in which you can confidently develop and grow.

You will find a description of these formats on the following pages. Subsequent to the mandatory training workshops, every participant has the opportunity to take advantage of individual coaching sessions. Moreover, we offer two virtual learning sessions on the subject of “Leading in the Digital World” between the second and third training workshops.

The RISE Program concludes with the Close-up, during which you and your colleagues will each present your own Leadership Masterpiece before members of corporate management. The Leadership Masterpiece represents your personal assignment for transfer of your lessons, and you will begin work on it after the start of the RISE Program. It reflects your concrete learning experience based on the contents taught in the programme.

The mix of participants from a wide range of specialist areas and business units of REWE Group is characteristic for the RISE Program. But over the course of the programme, you will repeatedly have the chance to interact with other executives of REWE Group.

After the conclusion of the RISE Program, there will be an individual counselling session with you, ideally including your supervisor and the MMA Program Manager. This session can also include an updated assessment of the status quo during which your expectations and ideas regarding your further personal and professional development can be expressed in concrete form.

The Sustainability Day is scheduled for 10–11/05/2019. Participation for you as a RISE participant is mandatory and has been a fixed component of the REWE Group Management Academy for many years.

Leadership Masterpiece – Your presentation

As you are a new participant in the Management Academy, you will develop the heart piece of your learning transfer — the Leadership Masterpiece — as part of the RISE Program.

During the first training workshop entitled "Leading Oneself", information, background and topics concerning the Leadership Masterpiece will be discussed and clarified. Your work on your Leadership Masterpiece will be incorporated as part of the instruction formats of RISE, but the major points will be handled outside of the training workshops. Moreover, you are welcome to speak to Sabine May, Program Manager Management Academy, at any time. We have had substantial experience concerning the topic of “Leadership Masterpiece” at the Management Academy, and we will be glad to share it with you.

In its content, the Leadership Masterpiece might (for example) represent the solution to a relevant (strategic) issue with a direct relationship to identified fields of action in your own unit/on your own team. Ideally, it will investigate an issue in such a way as to serve as a kind of “blueprint” for other executives or units in the Group.

On the one hand, the Leadership Masterpiece should contribute to your personal further development; on the other hand, it should target the performance capability of your team and/or the value generation of your organisation.

RISE Program Trainers

Kerstin Kromer
Ms Kromer was born in Oldenburg in 1969; after completing vocational training as a hotel manager, she studied business administration and earned her MBA with a focus on international management in San Francisco. She subsequently worked for three years in a strategy consultancy, where her activities were primarily concerned with the telecommunications industry.

She has been senior coach and trainer at ComTeam since 1999 and counsels people during change processes. She prepares concepts for and leads in-house seminars or programmes on topics such as leadership, change management or communications. Her target groups are experienced executives who want to obtain additional qualifications.

She likes to integrate “SolutionsFocus”, i.e. solution-oriented thinking and action, into her work live.

Peter Kraushaar
Peter Kraushaar has himself initiated and experienced many changes while working as an executive in international corporations. He has been working for nine years as senior business coach and management consultant in the automotive, energy, services, food/beverage and e-commerce sectors (among others).

The holder of a commercial degree, he studied work and organisational psychology with Lutz von Rosenstiel and is today himself a lecturer at the University of the Arts, FOM University of Applied Sciences and IMK [Institute for Marketing and Communications] in Berlin. He is a certified business coach of the FU Berlin, mental coach, design thinker and graduate of the foundation programme “Theory U”. He is also managing director of the company ComTeam 9p GmbH in Berlin.

In pursuit of his goal of following his own self-determined path authentically, he places high importance on hands-on and solution-oriented methods that focus on people in their self-awareness and self-responsibility.

Gabriele König
Gabriele König lives in Munich, where she also studied business administration. She has been working on a free-lance basis as a consultant, coach and trainer and cooperation partner for ComTeam for a number of years.

Her enthusiasm for differing cultures and organisations and a focus on people were awakened in the course of working in various positions as project manager and executive in Germany and abroad. She frequently works with international teams.

The focal points of her work are in the areas of project and change management and cultural development. In her consulting work, she places a high value on procedures oriented to implementation. In her coaching work, she supports executives in challenging situations during projects and accompanies teams through cultural and organisational change processes. She is certified in classic and agile project management as well as other areas.

Dr Harald Hungenberg, Professor
Holder of the chair for business administration with a focus on corporate management, Friedrich Alexander University Erlangen-Nuremberg.

In his position as chair holder, Dr Harald Hungenberg cooperates closely with partner companies in all of his research projects and combines in this way academic theory with practice. Dr Hungenberg’s research has a broad range of focus across many areas of corporate management such as strategic innovations and organisational transformation, corporate diversification/growth and the influence of capital market players (especially rating agencies and analysts) on corporate strategy.

In addition to his work for the university, he has been an affiliated professor at the ENCP School of International Management in Paris since 2002. He is also active as a guest lecturer at the ESMT in Berlin. Dr Hungenberg appears as a speaker in the “myCampus” programme of REWE Group.

We connect you in Jam - our digital MMA network!

On our interactive Jam platform you will be regularly informed about news, (organizational) changes and upcoming preparatory tasks. In addition, all documents relevant to the RISE program (protocols, manuals, agendas, etc.) are stored there. With the "Jam-App" you have the possibility to use the network mobile. You can organise yourself in forums and exchange, advise and discuss training content, group activities and experiences. You can find your topics via certain tags - whether in closed forums or in open exchange groups.

We invite you in two groups: In a group closed to new RISE participants in 2019 and in the comprehensive alumni group "REWE Group Management Academy". The latter is open to participants from all years of the Management Academy. Therefore, there no limits to your exchange and networking. In addition, you will regularly receive interesting impulses on the topic of leadership, new work and more.

Click here for Jam! 


1. What is the cost of the RISE program and how is it charged?
For the participation in the RISE program (workshops, virtual sessions, coachings) a lump sum of 11.000,00 € will be charged. At the end of the year, your area cost center is automatically debited with this amount via the internal cost allocation. A separate invoice will not be issued. All listed costs are plus travel and accommodation costs.

2. What are the participation costs for the Sustainability Day?
The cost of the Sustainability Day is € 950.00 per participant. The Sustainability Day is a compulsory part of the RISE program.

3. How can I cancel an appointment?
In principle, participation in all workshops and program events is obligatory for you. Cancellation is only possible in the event of illness (by e-mail) or in urgent exceptional cases after consultation with you, your supervisor and the MMA Program Manager. Please note that seminar cancellation costs cannot be reimbursed in this case.

4. Will the accommodation costs be covered by the Management Academy?
No. The costs for travel and overnight stays in the hotel are not covered by the Management Academy and are to be paid by the respective participant and invoiced via their own company. The organization of the overnight stay in the hotel is taken over by the Management Academy. Participants must plan their own journey.

5. Are hotel stays obligatory during the workshops?
We recommend our participants to stay overnight during the workshops in hotels reserved for this purpose. Since evening events also take place during the workshops, the possibility of staying overnight in a hotel facilitates stress-free participation. If this is not desired by you, you can of course refrain from staying in a hotel.

6. Do I contact the Management Academy or the trainers if I have organizational questions or questions about the program?
If you have any questions, please contact us, the Management Academy, first. We will try to assist you as best we can. If necessary, we can call in the trainers.

7. Who organizes the dates for the intermediate coaching sessions?
You organize the dates for your intermediate coaching sessions together with your trainer/coach in the first RISE training workshop. You do not have to inform the Management Academy about your individual dates.

Contact us

We will be glad to answer your questions and advise you. Please do not hesitate to send to us your suggestions. Please use our primary email address for questions related solely to organisational matters: