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Committed employees are our most important resource. We attach great importance to promoting their satisfaction, performance and productivity.

For successful cooperation

Committed and qualified employees make a decisive contribution to the success of our company. REWE Group attaches particular importance to promoting satisfaction, efficiency and productivity. Given the size and diversity of our company, a strong sense of community among all employees is essential to ensure this. We offer our employees fair remuneration, additional company benefits, flexible working hours and individual offers for a healthy work-life balance.

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Strategic HR Management

Appreciative corporate culture and individual employee development

REWE Group cultivates a corporate culture that is characterised by trustful and respectful dealings with employees, customers and business partners. We work systematically to position ourselves for the future, to recruit talented people and to bind them to the company in the long term. To this end, we rely on strategic HR management – with employee-oriented work concepts, safe working conditions, tailor-made training opportunities and appreciation of each individual.

Our corporate culture is characterised by trustful and respectful social interaction.

Within the fields of action “Values and Culture”, “Training and Development”, “Health and Safety”, “Work and Life Phases” as well as “Diversity and Equal Opportunities”, we develop effective measures to promote successful cooperation.

Values and Culture

Values and Culture

Focus on respect, trust and co-determination

An appreciative and fair culture is very important to REWE Group. We have also laid down the principles of mutual respect in our Code of Conduct. We attach great importance to involving our employees in decision-making processes. Legal, collective bargaining and company regulations are implemented jointly in a spirit of trust and cooperation.

In order to strengthen the idea of sustainability in the company and to promote a culture of sustainability, we raise people’s awareness at all levels – from our trainees to our managers.

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Realising personnel development and promoting individual competencies

Training and Development

Realising personnel development and promoting individual competencies

Digitalisation is changing the world of work, demographic change is resulting in a shortage of skilled workers. The promotion of education and training is therefore particularly relevant for us – in order to build up knowledge, train our employees accordingly and thus meet new challenges.

REWE Group offers all its employees and managers a comprehensive range of training and further education opportunities that are geared to the development of personal and professional skills. With specially tailored learning concepts, creative projects and the use of modern technology, we particularly support our trainees. Thanks to digital learning and blended learning concepts, considerably more training can also be offered at market level than before the digital age.

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Preventing accidents at work and developing preventive measures

Health and Safety

Preventing accidents at work and developing preventive measures

Safe workplaces and the promotion of the health of every employee play a central role for us. This includes preventing accidents at work and offering preventive health measures to forestall longer absences and protect employees.

Regular workplace inspections and systematic analyses of accidents enable us to identify key hazards and take appropriate action. In addition, a variety of projects promote health-conscious behaviour among employees. These include prevention courses on ergonomics at the workplace and on back health, fitness offers and advice on dealing with stress and psychological strain.

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reconcile work and private life

Job and Life Phases

Reconcile work and private life

An attractive working environment includes flexible working time models that adapt to the individual needs of employees and individual offers for a healthy work-life balance. REWE Group maintains a strategically designed family and life-phase conscious personnel policy and is largely certified according to the berufundfamilie audit in Germany and Austria.

With home office opportunities, a more flexible reduction of overtime hours, the elimination of core working hours and sabbaticals, we enable our employees to organise their working day more individually. In order to make it easier for employees to return to work, we are constantly expanding our own childcare facilities. In addition, we work together with the nationwide awo lifebalance initiative to further promote the compatibility of work and family life.

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Promoting fair cooperation and creating a culture of appreciation

Diversity and Equal Opportunities

Promoting fair cooperation and creating a culture of appreciation

Diversity encourages creative approaches and ensures adaptability. Equal participation within the company is more necessary than ever. Promoting diversity within REWE Group is therefore an important success factor enabling us to remain adaptable and guarantee fair dealings with each other.

In our company, the equal treatment of employees with disabilities is put into practice – we promote this by means of disability-friendly work areas and workplaces. Our corporate culture is characterised by an appreciation of cultural diversity and by open structures and processes. We are also working to advance gender-specific promotion of professional and personal skills. For example, our Women's Drive program specifically strengthens women with management responsibilities.

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