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Together, we promote biodiversity.
2017 250
2018 300
2021 540

Together, we promote biodiversity.

We are working together with over 540 farmers in Germany and Austria in the PRO PLANET project to promote biodiversity.

Goals of the REWE local partnership

  • We want to further increase local value creation as well as maintain and promote the diverse knowledge and manual skills of local suppliers.

  • We want to provide small local suppliers with reliable information on collaborating with retailers and locality officers at REWE.

  • We want to provide our farmers with all the help and support we can to enable them to use synergies and to grow together in close, trusting cooperation.

  • We want to educate our customers about the special business relationships between local farmers and suppliers, on the one hand, and REWE and retailers, on the other, and win them over for locally produced, resource-saving products.

  • We want to offer the next generation of local farmers a better marketing perspective via an additional sales channel, thereby promoting generational change and strengthening rural areas.