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We show Responsibility

Sustainability is a crutial part of REWE Group's strategy. Find out more about our spheres of activity below.

REWE Group's Sustainability Strategy

REWE Group's sustainability strategy focuses on all business activities in order to establish more sustainable consumption and tourism across the market. The core of the strategy is the promotion of more sustainable product ranges and fair dealings with partners and suppliers. We act in an environmentally and climate-conscious manner, assume responsibility for our employees and are committed to a viable society.

Sustainability is anchored at the highest level of corporate management – overall responsibility lies with the Chairman of the Executive Board. In addition, each sales line has its own sustainability division, which further develops the sales line’s sustainability strategy.

With the Guideline for Sustainable Business Practices, we have created a binding framework for action that forms the basis for our comprehensive sustainability commitment. In our Declaration of Human Rights, we also commit ourselves to strengthening human rights and preventing human rights violations.

REWE Group's Sustainability Strategy
Grüne Produkte

Green Products

The production of REWE Group private label products has an impact on people, animals and environment. The Group is addressing these effects and is working to offer more sustainable product ranges. To this end, we always look at the entire supply chain and are increasingly committed to meeting social and ecological challenges.

We promote the regionality of the goods, the range of organic products and the labelling with our own PRO PLANET label. We also systematically reduce packaging and foster biodiversity.
 In tourism as well, we are working to create more sustainable offers. Within the fields of action “Fairness”, “Animal Welfare”, “Resource Conservation” and “Nutrition”, we develop effective measures to reduce ecological and social impacts.

The Green Products pillar
Energie, Klima & Umwelt

Energy, Climate and Environment

The cultivation and manufacture of products, the provision of services as well as the logistics and the operation of markets cause CO2 emissions. Saving energy and avoiding climate-damaging emissions is particularly important to REWE Group. Within the fields of action “Energy Efficiency”, ”Climate-relevant Emissions” and “Resource Conservation”, we develop effective measures to reduce our impact on the climate and the environment.

The Energy, Climate and Environment pillar


Committed and qualified employees make a decisive contribution to the success of our company – we attach great importance to promoting satisfaction, efficiency and productivity. We offer our employees fair remuneration, additional company benefits, flexible working hours and individual offers for a healthy work-life balance.

REWE Group's corporate culture is characterised by trustful and respectful dealings with employees, customers and business partners. Within the fields of action “Values and Culture”, “Training and Development”, “Health and Safety”, “Work and Life Phases” as well as “Diversity and Equal Opportunities”, we develop effective measures to promote successful cooperation.

The Employees pillar
Gesellschaftliches Engagement

Social Involvement

Our commitment is based where we operate and in many other regions of the world. In doing so, we rely on strong partners who can provide effective assistance with their local experience. If possible, we also involve our customers and employees in projects to strengthen the sense of community and increase the scope of the projects. One focus is on promoting the development of children and young people. Within the fields of action "Conscious Nutrition and Exercise", "Opportunities for Children and Young People", "Conscious Use of Food", "Biodiversity" and "Environmental Protection", we are committed to implementing a wide range of projects.

The Social Involvement pillar

An award-winning company

The REWE Group has received multiple awards for its sustainability activities. Most recently, for example, the REWE Group was awarded the Fairtrade Award for being one of Germany's Fairtrade pioneers.

Prizes and Awards

Cooperations and Memberships

Together with them we are on our way to sustainability. The REWE Group maintains a variety of fruitful relationships with clubs and institutions. Because this is our tenor: together we are stronger when it comes to the preservation of a more sustainable world. Here we show you our most important cooperations and memberships.

Cooperations and Memberships

Guidelines and Documents

The REWE Group faces up to its responsibility towards future generations. Thus, as part of our sustainability strategy, we have developed firm guidelines – among them for the commodities cocoa, soy, palm oil and natural stone.

Guidelines and Documents