28 March 2023

Annual Press Conference 2023

The REWE Group successfully and steadily navigated the crises of 2022. Further information and images from our annual press conference 2023 can be found here.
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Press release

In the food retail business, we have consciously chosen investments in our customers over results. We are able to do so because, as a cooperative comprised of independent retailers, we focus on long-term business and long-term growth.

Lionel Souque, Chief Executive Officer
Lionel Souque  (Chief Executive Officer)
Lionel Souque, Chief Executive Officer

Key figures at a glance

REWE Group external revenue

Total external revenue for the REWE Group rose by 10.4 per cent to 84.8 billion euros.

Revenue in Germany

In Germany, revenue rose by 8.7 per cent to 51.3 billion euros (Combine).

Revenue for the REWE Combine
2021 69.4 billion euros
2022 77.2 billion euros

Revenue for the REWE Combine

Revenue for the REWE Combine increased by 11.3 per cent, climbing from 69.4 billion to 77.2 billion euros.

Revenue international

Internationally, revenue rose by 16.8 per cent (16.6 per cent adjusted for exchange rate effects) to 25.9 billion euros (Combine).

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The REWE Group annual press conference 2023

The REWE Group Management Board at the annual press conference

REWE Group


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Ines Schurin

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Andreas Krämer

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