Our purpose

Together, we are the chief source of information on policy questions relating to the food retail sector and tourism in Germany.

Our team

Our team members work at our head office in Cologne, as well as in Berlin and Brussels. Our diverse backgrounds enable us to examine issues from a range of viewpoints. We combine our professional expertise with the ability to explore new avenues and are a source of specialist information for our political contacts.

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Emilie Bourgoin

Head of Public Affairs at REWE Group

“I am responsible for managing all national and international public affairs issues. Feel free to contact me via Ms Flügel.”

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Petra Flügel

Corporate Affairs Assistant
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Niclas Biener

Senior Public Affairs Manager

“Feel free to contact me on issues relating to nutrition, food and consumer protection.”

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Kristin Hühnergarth

Senior Public Affairs Manager

“Feel free to contact me on issues relating to sustainability, cooperatives and employment policy.”

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Sebastian Lange

Head of Berlin Office

“Our Berlin office is your first point of call in the capital. I am your contact for a range of issues including retail and tourism.”

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Anja-Susan Lörcher

Senior Counsel for International Public Affairs

“I am the contact for our international subsidiaries. My topics are international commercial law / European Single Market regulations.”

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Marlene Malkus

Public Affairs Manager

“I am the point of contact for our regional network of political mandate holders.”

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Julia Riss

Head of Brussels Office

“I am responsible for all issues relating to the EU. Please get in touch with me for queries/comments on EU initiatives.”

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Ena Salihovic

Manager Public Affairs

“If you have any EU questions regarding digitization, consumer protection, social policy or Internal market in general, please contact me.”