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What is it actually like as dual degree student at the REWE Group, Meike?

Interview with Meike, dual degree student in trade management and trainee business administrator in wholesale and foreign trade in her first year of training

Meike, do tell us, why are you now at the REWE Group and not one of the many other large trading companies now offering the dual degree programme? 
I find the great variety at the REWE Group sets it apart in particular. The Group is very diversified and has a very good market position both in the food trade and in tourism. 
It was however also very important for me to be able to identify personally with the company. I like to go shopping in our supermarkets, especially at TEMMA, a very well designed organic supermarket, and REWE. 
The sustainability vision of the REWE Group was also a key deciding factor for my application. Here in the company, you realise that the issue is really taken seriously, inspiring employees to do the same. 
You’re still pretty new here. How do you feel about the support provided by the human resources department right now in the first year? 
I have felt in good hands and well looked after here from the beginning. We get active support, not just when we ask for it. As dual degree students, we have a direct contact person to support us with any issues. Since he was also a dual degree student at the EUFH, he knows what it is like to be in our situation. The REWE Group has been a partner of the university for many years, creating close contacts here too. The great thing about such a long-standing partnership is that everything runs pretty smoothly, and the theory and practical phases are very well coordinated with each other. 
How did you like your first practical phase? Where did you work and what did you do? 
I was very lucky with my first placement department, market research (MR). I really enjoyed working there, and my colleagues were really friendly; I can already imagine working in this or a similar area later. 
Project work plays a major role in market research as an internal service provider for all strategic business units, and there is close cooperation with key decision-makers in the company. 
My duties included, for example, creating PowerPoint presentations to illustrate the results of studies, and I was also given the opportunity to help prepare surveys. 
But the best thing about my time in the department was that I had my own creative project. The aim was to visualise a basic process of market research work by producing a short film with pictures and sound. And the result was so good that I was able to present the film in the division managers’ meeting. 
What was your first impression of the European University of Applied Sciences in Brühl as a collaborative partner? 
I find that the EUFH is a good university for dual degree students. The atmosphere is different from a normal university in that you get lots of organisational support, and the lectures are held in smaller groups and auditoriums. It is good to know that you can always contact the lecturers directly if you have any problems. I feel at ease and in good hands at the EUFH. 
This is very important particularly because we spend a lot of time there on lecture days in the theory phases. As a break, I highly recommend strolling around the pedestrian zone in Brühl if the sun’s out, eating ice cream or playing a game of table football in the lounge to clear your head! 
What are the group dynamics among the REWE Group students in your year group? 
I think the group dynamics among us REWE Group students was very good right from the beginning. At the two-day introductory trip, we got to know everyone and have become good friends ever since. 
Obviously, we spend most time together in the theory phases because we are all on the same course, but we also do a lot together in the practical phases. For example, I train with another student for the half marathon in Cologne; incidentally, we are also supported and sponsored by the REWE Group for this. Basically, we all try to go out together at least once a week in the evening after work for something to eat or drink, and that usually works out well. We feel like a really good team and have found in our first exam phase that we can also learn well together too. 
Meike, thank you for your interesting answers and we wish you a lot of success in your up-coming semesters and with the half marathon!