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Hand in hand to create something new

toom Baumart renovates for and with young people

by Sylvia Hannstein

Fresh colours for play time: toom Baumarkt DIY store employees are currently working with teenagers to renovate child and youth facilities. The first leisure spaces and common rooms are already finished – and the kids are happy.

“Social responsibility” was the theme of the REWE Group sustainability week in November 2013. Reason enough for toom Baumarkt to also get involved. Across Germany, toom Baumarkt employees are involved in the renovation of recreational areas totalling 25 child and youth facilities. 
Currently, toom Baumarkt employees are visiting the facilities in person, including Caritas Germany. The first stores have already completed their renovation projects and actively lent a hand together with the young people. Fresh colours have breathed new life into the leisure and common areas of the facilities.

Kids proud of their work 

On 28 and 29 January, toom Baumark employees in Berlin-Köpenick were actively involved in the orphanage “Am Löcknitztal” in the neighbouring area of Grünheide. Whether painting, wallpapering or laying laminate flooring – the team from toom Baumarkt not only brought the required material, but also actively supported the young people. 
For everyone involved, the joint renovation project was a great experience. “This was a way of showing young people how much fun it is to implement projects and ideas on their own and create something new. It was nice to see how proud the young people were of their work,” says Stefan Wegehaupt, manager of the toom Baumark in Berlin-Köpenick. 
In addition, all 25 youth organisations get a brand new football table in a toom Baumarkt design. It doesn’t stop there, 75 more facilities can also look forward to a new table football table.