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30 June 2017

Alain Caparros: Retirement as CEO on June 30, 2017

REWE Group’s Supervisory Board-Chairman Erich Stockhausen thanks Caparros for an “era of success”

Alain Caparros
The CEO of REWE Group, Alain Caparros, asked the Supervisory Board of the Cologne-based trade and tourism group for a termination of his CEO-mandate by mutual consent as of June 30, 2017. The Supervisory Board has accepted this request. On July 1, 2017, Lionel Souque will become the new CEO; along with that Jan Kunath will take over the function of deputy-CEO. Alain Caparros said in Cologne today: “REWE Group today is in outstanding shape. In 2016 we achieved record figures in terms of turnover and earnings. For years REWE has been the fastest growing sales brand in German food retailing. PENNY in Germany is back in the black. Our tourism business makes up an even stronger second pillar of our group after the integration of Kuoni. And the important strategic projects regarding our organizational structure and our portfolio of activities are concluded, here in Germany as well as in our successful business abroad. Together we arrived at completing these tasks in a much faster and smoother way than was foreseeable when my contract was extended in early 2014. Yet, it was exactly this extension that set the signals and the stage for addressing our tasks – with today’s set-up in the Executive Board – in a determined and efficient manner. And above all: we did not have to make any concessions regarding our to-dos within the operational business. This turned out to be the key factor for getting at where we are today: the management teams are in place here at home and abroad for running this company. Lionel Souque as the new CEO and Jan Kunath as his deputy are well prepared and ready to take over the lead within REWE Group. I could not think of a better moment to hand over the CEO-role than our annual general meeting at the end of June 2017. This will make sure that we have the smoothest transition of leadership in the more recent history of REWE Group. It was a great honor for me to lead this large company with its fine tradition for about 11 years. And I am convinced: REWE Group today is in a much better condition than it was in 2006. Together we have achieved a firm basis for economic excellence throughout the next decade. In particular, I would like to thank the Supervisory Board for the fruitful and trusting cooperation through the years and for accepting my request to terminate my mandate by mutual consent as of midyear 2017.”
Erich Stockhausen

The Chairman of REWE Group’s Supervisory Board, Erich Stockhausen, said:

“The Supervisory Board of REWE Group, and I, personally, cordially thank Alain Caparros for his outstanding work that he did as CEO of our company since 2006. With his achievements he gave distinction to an era of success within this group. This era has been was marked by a superb economic performance, by forceful modernization of business models and by pathbreaking organizational reforms. At the same time, Alain Caparros significantly coined the culture within REWE Group: values such as trustful cooperation, solidarity, transparency and sustainability were established. He paved the way into a successful future by his courage to explore unfamiliar territory and by fostering a lively test culture – in the more traditional parts of our business as well as in the areas of E-Commerce and digitalization. Not least, the independent retailers within our group owe an excellent development of their business to Alain Caparros and thanks to him are extensively involved in setting up our cooperative group for the future.
Lionel Souque (links) und Jan Kunath
The Supervisory Board accepts Alain Caparros‘ request for resignation as of June 30, 2017. When the Board approached him in 2013 asking him for an early extension of his contract, no one was able to foresee that the tasks lying ahead of us could be completed in such a swift and successful manner. It is largely due to Alain Caparros’ exceptional leadership and his cooperation with his colleagues in the Executive Board that this could be accomplished. Thanks to his work and preparation we are able to hand over the leading roles within our company to Lionel Souque as CEO and Jan Kunath as his deputy by midyear.”