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05 August 2013

Sustainability weeks 2013: REWE Group Puts the Spotlight on Animal and Plant Protection

REWE Group is enhancing its involvement in sustainable consumption: Under the motto “Raus aus der Nische” (Out of the Niche) the company is organising a series of events this year, including three dialogue fora.

Things kicked off in June with the dialogue forum on resource conservation. Now, on 12 August, REWE Group will be meeting with Non-Governmental Organisations (NGOs), customers and experts from the worlds of economics, science and politics to discuss animal and plant protection in Berlin’s Humboldt Carré. With the sustainability weeks running in parallel between 5 and 17 August, REWE Group aims to enthuse customers in its stores and travel agencies on sustainability topics. 

“The value of biological diversity and natural resources has to be made clearer to consumers, producers and traders,” explained Manfred Esser, member of the REWE Group board. “We have set ourselves the goal of making products more sustainable throughout their lifecycle. That is our responsibility. But no single company can face this challenge alone. That is why, during the sustainability weeks, we want to invite our customers to work with us and our partners in the sector to become more active and to stand up for natural diversity,” said Esser.

Over the sustainability weeks, there will be a number of opportunities to learn more about animal and plant protection at REWE Group stores and travel agencies. For example, REWE, toom consumer market, nahkauf, PENNY, toom Baumarkt DIY store and ProMarkt will be highlighting sustainable products in their store flyers, including products from REWE Group’s PRO PLANET label and from other renowned brands. When selecting its product range, REWE Group works with Wuppertal's Collaborating Centre on Sustainable Consumption and Products. The Centre assesses our industrial partners’ products based on their sustainability. At toom Baumarkt DIY stores and REWE Group travel agencies, customers can also find out more about sustainability from information stands and brochures.

Fundraising Campaign at REWE, toom Consumer Market and nahkauf from 5 to 10 August
In this campaign week, REWE is focussing on bees, and above all wants to raise awareness of the huge importance of bees in food producing. From 5 to 10 August, for every jar of honey bought at REWE, toom or nahkauf, REWE will donate 50 cents to the NABU (German Nature and Biodiversity Conservation Union) for the protection and support of meadow orchards. This will create additional sources of food and habitats for bees. Furthermore, the brochure “Viel mehr als nur Honig” (Much more than just honey) explains how useful bees are and the threats they face.

Every PENNY for the Future
By selling sustainable items from its organic store brand “B!O”, to PRO PLANET products and its fair-trade range, PENNY is contributing to making sustainability a more tangible experience for customers. During the sustainability weeks, PENNY will be promoting 16 sustainable items in its stores in cooperation with a number of industrial partners. The store flyer will emphasise MSC, UTZ and PRO PLANET products. 

“Kleine Gärtner” (Small Gardeners) Campaign from 12 to 17 August at toom Baumarkt
DIY store Between 12 and 17 August 2013, for every plant with the 10 cent coin sticker sold, toom Baumarkt DIY store will donate 10 cents of every euro of turnover to the “Kleine Gärtner” (Small Gardeners) campaign. One hundred primary schools across the length and breadth of Germany are looking forward to the proceeds, because they have the chance of winning mobile gardens including herb and vegetable patches and all the necessary garden tools. In association with industrial partners across its approximately 320 stores, toom Baumarkt DIY store is presenting the topic “recycling resources” in conjunction with sustainable products and packaging solutions. On the main campaign days (Thursdays, Fridays and Saturdays), all of the stores will feature information stands and demonstrations to show customers how best to handle electricity and heating.

"WunDERbare Vielfalt" (WonDERful diversity) at DER Touristik
To ensure customers recognise sustainable travel products, DER Touristik clearly marks environmentally certified hotels in its travel brochures. With the support of the independent ECOTRANS organisation, DER Touristik has also drawn up the “WegweisenDER” (pathfinderDER) to assist travellers. These brochures provide information on criteria and testing procedures for the selected environmental certificates and make it easier to choose from the sustainable hotels in tour operators’ programmes. And for little adventurers, in association with the WWF children’s programme YOUNG PANDA, we publish "WunDERbare Vielfalt", a magazine for children and young people, including origami activities and competitions. The flyer for species protection on holiday, aimed at children +8, explains what they should look out for on holiday to protect the local plants and animals. It will be available from 5 August 2013 in all DER Touristik travel agencies.

Dialogue Forum on 12 August in Berlin: Animal and Plant Protection
On 12 August, around 200 participants will come together at REWE Group’s dialogue forum in Berlin’s Humboldt Carré to discuss animal and plant protection challenges. The speakers, Marion Hammerl from the Lake Constance Foundation and Dr. Julia Rode from the Helmholtz Centre for Environmental Research, will use their speeches to give impetus to the subsequent debates. Along with REWE Group experts and our industrial partners, solutions will be worked on in a number of workshops: what conditions must be met for improvements in the livestock sector to be viewed positively by consumers and NGO representatives? What can be done to take biodiversity criteria into account more in food sector standards? What are the raw material requirements in the livestock sector now and in the future? And how can environmental sustainability issues be tackled better in coffee production? 

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