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12 April 2013

DER Touristik – The New Giant in the Travel Sector

REWE Group Travel and Tourism is repositioning itself. DER Touristik, the umbrella brand of Germany’s second-largest tourism company, is aimed at future travellers and business partners.

This will not affect the combine’s six tour operators: ITS, Jahn Reisen, Tjaereborg, Dertour, Meier’s Weltreisen and ADAC Reisen. However, they will act under the new umbrella brand DER Touristik in the future. The repositioning is complemented by a reorientation of the travel sales. The Group is starting a quality offensive aimed at providing a comprehensive service for customers. The combine presented its new brand in Frankfurt today.

"More than six million holidaymakers travel with our combine every year, perhaps without even realising it. In the future, we will help them identify the strong, quality-based and reliable group they are putting their trust in," explained Norbert Fiebig, CEO of DER Touristik.

“Everyone is different, and so are their holiday expectations. Our group aims to offer the perfect trip for everyone’s individual aspirations and to support its customers every step of the journey. This is why we are investing in our market presence and in our employees, i.e. in the experts who make our customers’ ideas come to life,” continued Norbert Fiebig. The red logo of the DER Touristik will become the worldwide distinctive symbol of the Group in the course of this year, for tour guides, airport centres, destination agencies and in all catalogues and documents. Fiebig is convinced that the Travel and Tourism business is about to undergo an upheaval. It is becoming more individual and complex at the same time. Customers are therefore searching for direction and expertise - on the internet as well as through personal advice. Norbert Fiebig emphasised that all activities will be launched from a position of strength. Fiebig: “With a turnover of about 4.7 billion euros, 2012 was the most successful year of our history. We owe this success to our more than six million customers who honoured us with their trust, but also to our committed employees”.

Service Offensive from the Largest German Travel Sales
Aside from its new image, the Group will also launch a service offensive in travel sales. With over 2,100 stores, franchise offices and partners, DER Touristik has the densest travel sales network in Germany. “We have always been close to our customers, but the latter can now recognise us more easily thanks to our new logo," explained Andreas Heimann, CEO of DER travel agencies. The new image should feature in 750 travel agencies by the end of the year.

In the coming months, special teams will redesign the stores with a completely new shop concept. “Our travel agencies should no longer look like offices – our new image is young, fresh and inviting,” said Heimann. In order to best fulfil the holiday expectations of our customers, uniform standards should be applied when providing advice anywhere in Germany. “We will have trained all the travel experts of DER agencies by the end of the year. They will learn new techniques for best understanding their customers' individual wishes”. The new concept comprises a small revolution: “The usual catalogue wall in the travel agencies will no longer feature in our redesigned stores. The perfectly suited catalogue will only appear on the table at the end of the extensive advice,” explained Heimann.

The sales of DER Touristik are also being repositioned with a quality offensive on the internet, which should be considered a great opportunity for expanding the network of experts rather than as competition. The internet represents a new platform for DER travel experts. Analyses show that the journey often begins at the research phase. This is where DER travel agencies serve to provide expert advice. will be established on the internet as a virtual travel agency. DER travel experts throughout Germany use the internet to present their specialities. Easy access is a key service component for DER travel agencies. “Our services and our expertise will be available to our customers in various ways – be it in the agency itself, over the telephone or on the internet," said Heimann. The internet will become an increasingly important player for linking customers to the appropriate experts. Andreas Heimann: “We are merging the sales channels so that whoever needs professional advice and help organising the appropriate trip find what they are after - no matter how and where they are looking for us” said Heimann.