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Familiy-friendly human resources policy

The lives of working parents revolve around one question: who will take care of the child? Company nurseries hold the promise of relief.

In August 2012, REWE Group opened its first rewelinos daycare-centre in Cologne in cooperation with the Workers' Welfare Association (AWO). Located near the premises of REWE Group, the centre offers 20 nursery places for children of up to three years. Due to the huge success, the daycare-centre has been extended by another 10 places for children over three years. The building, which is only a short walk from the REWE Group premises in Humboldtstrasse (Cologne Porz), has been fully renovated and modernised and offers almost 500 square metres of indoor space as well as a corresponding outdoor playing area.

Also in cooperation with the Workers' Welfare Association Cologne, a new daycare-centre was built for employees of REWE Group in the district of Cologne-Braunsfeld near Stolberger Strasse. With this offer, REWE Group takes account of the increased demand for nursery places for children up to school age. Since October 2014, 30 nursery places have been available there. The capacities will be expanded to around 50 places by autumn 2015.

Around 200 kilometres south-east of the second daycare-center in Cologne, the "Krabbelstube Wunderreise" almost simultaneously opened its doors in Frankfurt am Main. There, nine children have been taken care of since October 2014. With the opening of a third group in the course of 2015, the daycare-centre will provide space for 30 children of up to three years.

Parent-child offices

Even if the child care is well organised, bottlenecks may occur. In these situations, employees of the headquarters of REWE Group and some regional branches can temporarily bring their children to work at the so-called parent-child office. The parent-child offices offer a fully-equipped workplace combined with nappy-changing facilities and opportunities to play for the REWE kids. A cot is also available for the midday nap.