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Farmed fish from sustainable aquaculture

Today already about half of the fish consumed by people worldwide comes from aquaculture, i.e. produced by breeding fish in ponds, large net cages in rivers and sea bays or modern breeding pools on land.

For instance German consumers love salmon, shrimps, rainbow trout, gilthead seabream and sutchi catfish from aquaculture.

Whether aquaculture fish is sustainable depends on the local practices regarding the environment, social and animal welfare standards. That means it depends on the quantity, type and source of the fish food, the keeping conditions for the fish and on the working conditions of local employees and finally on the quality of the products.

With the help of independent experts REWE Group has worked on developing a sustainable aquaculture, and its implementation is currently being agreed and coordinated with REWE Group’s suppliers. In a step-by-step process these key requirements are planned to become a basic standard for the aquaculture fish sold by REWE Group.

There are already initial successful projects. The products are recognisable through the PRO PLANET label.