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Social Standards in the Delivery Chain

International trade companies like REWE Group obtain a major part of their raw materials and products from countries outside the European Union. They face the challenge of purchasing these goods on attractive terms whilst guaranteeing a socially and environmentally friendly production.

REWE Group adheres to the labour and social standards as set out in its Guidelines for Sustainable Business Practices. They include the prohibition of forced labour, the prevention of exploitative child labour, fair and respectful treatment of employees, observance of the right to freedom of association, the right to occupational safety and health as well as compliance with statutory working hours and remuneration.

Although the company can only marginally influence conditions in the production countries and the global flow of goods in the supply chain, REWE Group nevertheless aims to implement binding labour and social standards along the entire delivery chain. REWE Group pursues various approaches in order to achieve this: it supports product and sector related initiatives such as the Business Social Compliance Initiative (BSCI), it develops industry-wide guidelines for raw materials and initiates projects with the aim of developing the sustainability label PRO PLANET for example.