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Regional Focus

Regional foods play an important role for 78 percent of German citizens. This was a finding of the 2018 Nutrition Report, produced by the Forsa Institute on behalf of the German Federal Ministry of Food and Agriculture.

The REWE Regional concept, created for regional products in 2012, quickly gained recognition as a nationwide brand. The region of origin is displayed on the packaging – as a politically defined region (e.g., German federal states), cultural area (e.g., Franconia), or traditional cultivation region (e.g., Altes Land). Examples are sausages and eggs from North Rhine Westphalia or Bavaria, as well as apples from Altes Land or North Sea prawns from Dithmarschen.

As a founding member of the sponsoring association, Regionalfenster e.V., REWE Group has, since 2012, been actively involved in promoting regional products. After a trial period in February 2013, REWE Group has marketed selected items with the Regionalfenster seal in PENNY and REWE branches since 2014. The seal provides consumers with verified information about the origin of the ingredients and where they were processed. Alongside the information provided on REWE’s own-brand products, Regionalfenster ensures additional transparency for the customer. Over 360 items with the Regionalfenster seal can now be found at REWE.

PENNY stocks around 40 items with the Regionalfenster accreditation, whenever these are seasonally available in Germany.  Amongst others, these include cucumbers, carrots, asparagus, or tomatoes, which often originate from one supplier per region. Almost all items of German origin have been accredited by Regionalfenster. PENNY displays additional information on geographic origin for regional fruit and vegetables, such as the German federal state or a cultivation or “culinary” region, e.g. the Oldenburg Münsterland. Keeping these indications of geographical origin transparent is part of PENNY’s pledge to focus on regional products, its commitment to freshness as a result of shorter transportation routes, and its support for local producers.