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92 per cent of consumers in Germany express a preference for regional food.

This transpired through the representative survey “ecological barometer” (2013), which is regularly commissioned by the Federal Ministry of Food, Agriculture and Consumer Protection. Consumers therefore seem to associate “regionalism” with freshness, short delivery routes, knowledge of the product origins and above all, support for the local economy.

In close cooperation with producers from the respective regions, REWE has been selling regional products under its store brand “REWE Regional” since August 2012. Products from REWE Regional comprise exclusively seasonal fruit and vegetable from Germany, harvested between May and November on regional farms and sold in REWE stores in the respective regions. Depending on the season, the range includes between 10 and 30 products which generally originate from a periphery of 50 kilometres.

REWE’s regional offer complements its previous range of local products, which is gradually being introduced throughout the country and is therefore not yet fully available in all stores. REWE already brands local products from over 1,000 local producers under the name “Love your region” (nationwide with the exception of Hesse, where it is called “Landmarkt”).

Regionality at PENNY

PENNY also stocks various regional products from the home speciality sector, above all in the east and the south, wherever there is customer demand for them.