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PRO PLANET chicken

Whether responsible animal welfare or GM-free feed: the REWE Group is committed to improving standards in broiler farms.

The French braise it in red wine as coq au vin, while the Italians serve it as Pollo Cacciatore (Hunter’s Wife’s chicken): hardly any other type of meat can be prepared in as many ways as chicken. It is low in fat and rich in easily digestible protein. With the PRO PLANET label, we make sure that the chickens are fed a healthy diet so that we too can enjoy our food and eat healthily.

The chickens with the PRO PLANET label are primarily from Germany. About a quarter of the feed used for chicken rearing is soybean meal, which is usually imported from South America. There, predominantly genetically modified soybean are grown under monoculture conditions using more and more plant protection products. This method of cultivation has a negative impact on people and the environment in the growing regions.

Reduction of soybean meal from overseas

The REWE Group obliges producers of chicken with the PRO PLANET label to reduce the amount of soybean meal from overseas in the feed and to replace it with European sources of protein. This process involves the following steps: When chickens with the PRO PLANET label enter the market, 20 percent GMO-free overseas soy is still used in the food initially. Two years after the project begins, the proportion must be reduced to 12.5 percent. Depending on the future availability of European alternatives, further reduction targets will be defined. Furthermore, no genetically modified feeds may be used.

PRO PLANET chicken and “GMO-free” seal

Since the start of 2015, all natural chicken products with the PRO PLANET label also have the “GMO-free” seal of the Verband Lebensmittel ohne Gentechnik e.V. (VLOG – Food without Genetic Engineering Association of Germany), which more and more PRO PLANET chicken products will be given as part of a gradual process.

PRO PLANET and animal protection

The REWE Group is also committed to ensuring animal welfare. The animal protection organisation PROVIEH e.V. is developing measures together with the REWE Group and its suppliers to gradually implement improved animal welfare standards and more sustainability in broiler farms. For example, the REWE Group requires suppliers participating in the PRO PLANET Project to reduce stocking density by 15 percent and to use structural elements such as straw bales and pick stones.