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Sustainable wild fish

The REWE Group has set clear targets for establishing an assortment of sustainable wild fish, and these are being implemented step by step. Above all three measures are in the centre of the activities

1. Fish purchasing based on a scientifically founded orientation list

REWE Group gives preference to fish which does not originate from overfished stocks and is caught using environmentally friendly methods. For selecting their fish the buyers use an “Orientation list for sustainable wild fish“, which was specially developed for this purpose. This list is drawn up by independent experts, who are specialised in sustainable food, and it is updated annually.

The orientation list not only takes into consideration the condition of the individual fish stocks but also the type of catching technique. This way REWE Group contributes towards avoiding an overfishing of the fish stocks, preserving the marine environment, for instance protecting the sensitive sea beds and minimising the bycatch of aquatic birds and other sea creatures.

REWE Group’s orientation list is based exclusively on the fishery evaluations of independent organisations, who themselves are lobbying worldwide for sustainable fishing. The published evaluations of Greenpeace, WWF, the Monterey Bay Aquarium and Fishsource are given equal importance in drawing up the orientation list.

2. Sustainably caught fish with MSC seal

Today the seal of the MSC (Marine Stewardship Council) is the best known seal for sustainably caught wild fish. REWE Group is continuously expanding its assortment of MSC-certified products.  You will find further information here: (Link to


REWE Group’s PRO PLANET label stands for fish products whose sustainability has been secured threefold:

• The fish comes from fisheries which sustainably manage stocks and have already been certified by the MSC.

• The condition of the fish stocks and the fishing techniques have also been checked in accordance with the REWE Group’s “Orientation list for sustainable wild fish“ and evaluated with “good”.

• Representatives of nature, social and consumer organisations in the PRO PLANET Advisory Board have approved the awarding of the label.

More information on PRO PLANET is available at