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Environmentally-friendly products

Green Products

We take our responsibility towards society seriously and want to make a difference. Our goal – to increase the share of sustainable products and services and to offer them at attractive prices. We communicate with NGOs and partners to develop guidelines for at-risk commodities for the purpose of changing markets and establishing ecological and social standards. In the tourism industry, we encourage the protection of nature and the environment, the preservation of World Cultural Heritage Sites, and the protection of human rights.

Sustainable quality that sells.

Whether it's an organic product or local produce, our customers have an eye more now than ever for sustainable quality. This is something that we take seriously and react to accordingly, for example with our REWE Bio, Naturgut, REWE Regional and PRO PLANET product lines.

Animal protection

Initiatives for better and healthier animal welfare.

Step by step, we are actively encouraging improvements in the keeping and welfare of animals. We work with animal rights organisations and our suppliers to develop schemes for better standards and better sustainability in animal welfare.


Social standards in our supply chains.

As an international trading company, the REWE Group procures many of its products from developing and emerging markets. In doing so, we live up to our responsibility and act in accordance with ethical and ecological standards. You can find out about just how we do this by reading our "Guidelines for Sustainable Business".


Our commitment to preserving the diversity of biological species.

The REWE Group is a member of various initiatives aimed at protecting biodiversity. We also engage in numerous projects to preserve the diversity of biological species. In doing so, we aim to contribute towards bringing biodiversity and species preservation to the forefront of public interest.

Biodiversity criteria in food standards

Our guidelines.

The REWE Group faces up to its responsibility towards future generations. Thus, as part of our sustainability strategy, we have developed firm guidelines – among them for the commodities cocoa, soy, palm oil and natural stone.

More about our commodity guidelines

Promoting environmental standards in the textile supply chain.

REWE Group, its suppliers and manufacturers join forces to create a safer textile supply chain.