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Support for the “Tafel”

REWE Group is one of the largest supporters of foodstuffs for the local “Tafel” initiatives. These organisations, found all over Germany, provide food to people who are not assured of having their daily bread.

The REWE Group takes its social responsibility seriously; since 1996, the corporation is supporting with food from its stores and warehouses the more than 900 local “Tafel” groups now operating around the nation in accordance with the Tafel motto: “Everyone gives according to his or her ability”.

This nationwide commitment makes the REWE Group one of the largest supporter of food supplies in the retail grocery segment to the local “Tafel” initiatives. More than 6,000 REWE and PENNY stores, REWE CITY, REWE CENTER, nahkauf and toom hypermarkets give tons of goods to the local “Tafel ”every day, which can no longer be utilised in the commercial process.

In addition, the REWE Group encourages its employees to participate personally in this voluntary form of “welfare support” and is a strong advocate for the idea of the “Tafel” in its dealings with suppliers from the food industry.