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Consumer Information and Education

About 70 million customers a week walk through the doors of REWE Group stores in Europe. The company makes the most of this high number of customers to promote a more sustainable lifestyle to a wide public. After all, even if the topic of sustainability is now on everyone's lips, knowledge about it is far from wide spread and is not yet rooted amongst the population at large.

REWE Group uses its communication channels - for example leaflets, websites, flyers and brochures - to share information about its involvement in sustainability and about more sustainable consumption. The company’s sustainability weeks are a definite milestone in REWE Group’s effort to bring sustainability out of its niche. As in 2012 and 2013, REWE Group used its sustainability weeks to encourage customers from its stores and travel agencies to buy more sustainable products.

Bringing sustainability out of its niche requires responsible and well informed consumers. Only this type of buyer will select more sustainable products and perhaps also look into the value chain of individual products and learn more about the Hot Spots. REWE Group considers children and teenagers to be an important target group.
The Deutsche Stiftung Verbraucherschutz (German foundation for consumer protection) created the Bündnis für Verbraucherbildung (alliance for consumer education), together with representatives from politics, science and the industry as well as REWE Group. The objective is to work with companies, politicians, scientists and representatives from society to strengthen consumer education amongst children and teenagers in the four consumer fields (nutrition and health, finance, media and sustainable consumption) and to make it a more integral part of their school life. REWE Group primarily supports the nutrition and health and sustainable consumption fields. Together with other promoters of the initiative, REWE Group aims to ensure that decent consumer education is offered in all school institutions and to expand the offer where it is already available. The idea is to build up competences in terms of decision-making and consumption. Young consumers should be in a position at the end of their school career to appreciate the social, economic and ecological consequences of their consumption. REWE Group supports the foundation for consumer protection and the alliance financially and ideationally as well as through direct cooperation.