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Seminar and Training Programme for Club Calimera, Primasol and lti Hotels

The Travel and Tourism Division of REWE Group is deeply committed to sheltering children from sexual abuse.

DER Touristik has developed a seminar and training programme on child protection for its hotel chains Club Calimera, Primasol and lti hotels. These courses, led by a specialised team, are designed to raise awareness amongst employees.
The “train the trainer”day-long seminars target all management staff who in turn must train their employees. In addition, every employee will receive information in their respective mother tongue including guidelines for proper conduct in precarious situations. As a clear corporate philosophy is key, all hotel employees are committed to complying with the corporate policy.
The motto for protecting children worldwide is “Don’t look away - show courage”. This leaflet distributed by ECPAT Deutschland e.V., the DRV and the Police Crime Prevention of the German states provides information about child abuse and its effects.

Implementation of the Worldwide Child Protection Code at FCm Travel Solutions

In 2011, FCm Travel Solutions became the first company in the Business Travel Segment in Germany to sign the globally applicable Child Protection Code. The service provider of business trips is thus committed to highlighting the themes of child protection and child abuse amongst its employees, customers and partners. FCm Travel Solutions places emphasis on education and prevention: the topic of child abuse will be discussed at customer evenings and in discussion groups and is a significant part of employee training. In addition, FCm Travel Solutions participates in “Sustainability and child protection” work groups organised by the Deutscher Reiseverband (DRV) and the Verband Deutsches Reisemanagement (VDR).