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Recycled Paper

Changeover to environmentally friendly recycled paper conserves resources.

The REWE Group has taken yet another step in the direction of sustainability and completely replaced the fresh fibre paper previously used with environmentally friendly recycled paper. The new paper is used in all of the national holding divisions and strategic business units (SBU). The changeover has three decisive advantages: it protects the environment, reduces costs and has technical advantages.

The new copier and office paper is 100 per cent recycled paper, suitable for use with copiers, laser and inkjet printers and is resistant to ageing. It is superior to fresh fibre paper with respect to environmental considerations and in terms of cost. Its use conserves wood, water and energy.

Favourable in all respects

In 2008, 1,500 trees had to be cut down to supply the quantity of fresh fibre paper consumed by the REWE Group. The recycled paper, in contrast, consists of 100 per cent recovered paper and consequently protects the forests. Moreover, more than ten gigawatts of electricity are saved during its manufacture, corresponding to the energy required to heat 711 detached houses. Equally important is that CO2 emissions are lowered.

The environmental paper is also advantageous with respect to its technical features; it meets the DIN EN 12281 requirements and has good running characteristics. This guarantees that the paper can be used in all laser and inkjet printers as well as copiers. This is also confirmed by the manufacturers of the copiers and fax machines we use. In addition, the recycled paper is well suited for two-sided printing so that even more paper can be saved.

Extensive use

Recycled paper is already being used in other business units: REWE, PENNY, toom hypermarkets, toom DIY and ProMarkt distribute flyers which contain recovered paper. The catalogues from REWE Package Tours are certified in accordance with the specifications of the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC).

In 2010, the REWE Group had been awarded the German Sustainability Award as "Germany´s Most Recycled Paper-Friendly Company".