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Green Electricity

REWE Group is one of the Largest Green Electricity Users in Germany

The most comprehensive initiative so far in terms of environmental protection - in which the company once again lives up to its role as a pioneer - is the conversion of its stores and travel agencies in Germany to the exclusive use of green electricity. The REWE Group was the first major German company to rely on a mixture of 100 percent renewable energy.

Specifically, this means that the more than 6,000 stores (REWE, PENNY, toom DIY BauMarkt, B1 Discount DIY Baumarkt, ProMarkt), travel agencies (ATLAS REISEN, DER travel agencies) and warehouses use electricity generated by hydropower, wind and biomass. This also applies to the total energy supplies for needs like lighting, refrigeration, heating and air conditioning. This makes the company into one of the largest users of green electricity in Germany.

The Aim: To Expand the Use of Electricity from Renewable Sources throughout Europe

In deciding to increase this mandated share voluntarily to 100 per cent, the REWE Group is sending a clear signal with its own stores and travel agencies - and offering a model: The aim is to expand the share of electricity used that is generated by renewable sources throughout Europe. After all, the increased demand for certified green electricity increases the incentive to generate electricity from renewable resources.

The REWE Group consumes more than two terawatt-hours of electricity in Germany each year. This previously non-renewable energy use is now being converted entirely to green power.