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REWE Green Building

First Supermarket with Gold DGNB Certificate Saves Almost 50 Per Cent of Energy

REWE Group sets also standards in the area of energy efficiency when it comes to building or rebuilding stores which are designed according to the principles of sustainability. In November 2009 it opened in Berlin-Rudow the first Green Building in Germany. As the first supermarket, the REWE store with a sales floor area of 1,830 square metres was awarded a gold label by the Deutsche Gesellschaft für Nachhaltiges Bauen (German Society for Sustainable Building DGNB) REWE's Green Building achieved rank 6 (1.32 points) of all buildings certified by the DGNB.

Altogether the REWE store is operated CO2-neutral. Thanks to the ground-breaking use of state-of-the-art heating, ventilation, lighting, air-conditioning and refrigeration systems, combined with the best possible insulation, the green building's energy consumption has been cut by almost 50 per cent compared to a standard building. In the normal refrigeration and the combined refrigeration and deepfreeze systems, which cool fresh products and deepfreeze assortments, the natural refrigerant CO2 is exclusively used.

Architecture and Use of the Building Guarantee a Sustainable Use of Resources

The REWE store in Berlin produces 40 per cent of its energy consumption by itself. The photovoltaic system measuring almost 2,000 square metres combines a large roof-top unit made of special cylindrical modules – which collect the sunlight on a 360-degree surface and are hence particularly energy efficient – with a photovoltaic unit integrated into the glass of the projecting part of the roof. This not only provides stylish design features but also at the same time natural shading for the large window surfaces.

Twelve bore holes in the ground, each reaching depths of almost 100 metres, were required to create a geothermal energy plant, which makes the use of fossil fuels superfluous throughout the whole year. The REWE Green Building incorporates the principle of daylight architecture, which has up to now scarcely been used in the German retail industry: this is implemented through a 280 metre long window façade running around the full length of the building and 18 cupolas providing light through the roof. This daylight architecture is combined with optimum insulation (cellulose) and sustainable materials, such as wood. The REWE store at Groß-Ziethener Chaussee 37 has two charging stations for electric cars. There are a total of eleven charging stations at REWE stores in Berlin.

REWE Green Building is "Store of the Year 2010"

In February 2010 the REWE Green Building received a respected award: The Handelsverband Deutschland (HDE) — Der Einzelhandel (Trade Association Germany - Retail) gave first place in the category "Food" to the REWE store during the awards ceremony "Store of the Year 2010". The managing director of HDE, Stephan Genth, praised the REWE Green Building as "innovative and ground-breaking". The awards to the "Stores of the Year" were announced for the sixth time during the course of this year's trade real estate congress in Berlin. The REWE Green Building took the award over strong competitors. A total of more than 40 applications were received in all of the categories. The eleven prominent members of the jury from industry, trade and trade consultants ultimately handed the award to the REWE Green Building, honouring the aspect of environmental sustainability as outstanding.

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