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Welcome to LEAD 4.0!

The REWE Group is a leader in retail and tourism – and a leader in professional development. The challenges in our industry are constantly changing. Therefore, we have developed a special offering for you, our managers at leadership level 4.

Shaping the future successfully 

Dear REWE Group managers, 

As the key link between the top management level and our employees, you are the backbone of the REWE Group. We know how much your dedication contributes to the Group’s success every day. Your performance and commitment are major factors in making us one of the leading trade and tourism groups in Europe. 

The demands you face as managers are growing day by day – from rising expectations on the part of customers as well as your employees to very strong market dynamics, digitalization and the resulting rapid pace of change within the organization. All of this presents you, as managers, with challenges that are new and complex, but also exciting. We consider it important to support you in your leadership positions, keeping you fit for the tasks of the future – with competence and courage. 

LEAD 4.0 addresses precisely this goal, with a practical, custom-tailored training program that offers a wide variety of opportunities for your professional and personal development in your leadership position. Combining well-established and innovative approaches, our trainers help you ask the right questions on important business issues so that you can implement better solutions. LEAD 4.0 is specifically offered to managers at the level directly below the top executive level (leadership level 4). These include Heads of Department, Sales Managers, Functional Area Managers (Germany), Category Managers (Germany) and so forth. Take advantage of the opportunity for lively discussions with managers from the entire REWE Group, across national boundaries. Networking, learning from colleagues and continually developing your management skills are important factors for your personal success and the success of our entire company.

With our best wishes for many new insights, the enjoyment of learning and exciting encounters – welcome to LEAD 4.0!  

Dr. Daniela Büchel
(Boardmember German food retail business – REWE Group Human Resources + Corporate Responsibility)

Christoph Matschke
(Member of the Executive Board Rewe International AG)

LEAD 4.0 – what we offer for you!

“Leadership and learning are indispensable to each other.”
(John F. Kennedy)

LEAD 4.0 is our Group-wide development offering geared toward all managers at leadership level 4*. Our goal is to strengthen and develop your management skills and to give you an opportunity to network with colleagues so that you can continue to succeed. Therefore, LEAD 4.0 includes offerings that address current demands on managers as well as current trends.

Seminars: You can choose from a wide variety of seminar topics. You decide which seminar will best support your personal development.

 “Future Journey” development program: Future Journey is a multi-module development program that focuses on further developing the skills of leadership and innovation.


* Leadership level 4 (LE4) = level just below the top executive level, such as Head of Controlling, Head of CM Fresh, Head of Logistics, Sales Manager, Head of IT, Category Manager (Germany), Functional Area Manager (Germany), Regional Department Head (Germany) and so forth.

Seminar Options

Would you like to broaden your skills in the area of leadership, communication, self-management, entrepreneurial thinking or Work 4.0? Choose from our offerings the seminar that is appropriate for you and your personal development.

LEAD 4.0 seminars ensure the further development of personal skills as well as the connection of participants transcending country borders and sales lines. Thereby an efficient exchange of knowledge and experiences among the seminar participants is possible.

Dates and deadlines:

The publication of the new seminar offers and the registration procedure is planned as follows:

•            Publication of the new seminar offers for the second half of 2019 and the first half of 2020: January 31st, 2019. Registration period: January 31st, 2019 to May 31st, 2019.

•            Publication of the new seminars for the second half of 2020 and the first half of 2021: November 30th, 2019. Registration period: 30th November, 2019 to 31st May, 2020.

Registration procedure:

And here you can find out how to sign in for your seminar.

Future Journey

You would like to systematically develop your skills further and become part of the REWE Group international network? If so, our “Future Journey” development program is the perfect fit for you. Future Journey takes you on a trip to the fields of leadership and innovation.


How does our society change? Which megatrends do have an impact on our business? What kind of competencies do we need to deal with that? Modul 1 of the Future Journey is the Kick Off for a journey into the future – a journey of REWE Group and a personal journey of the participants. You will learn to identify trends and reflect on them and to establish a link between external change (megatrends) and internal change (leadership). You will test new methods of collaboration and leadership and define personal development goals.


How do we achieve to be successful in a world which becomes more complex? And can we shape a working environment in which masterminds want to follow this path with us? By means of different questions in the area of New Work and Retail the participants work in small groups with Design Thinking methods and thus they actively shape the future. An expedition of trends is part of the project. Participants visit different visionary companies in Berlin to ensure profound knowledge at first hand.


How can we apply our learnings in every day work? How can we implement the social and personal change to REWE Group? By means of a Tool Box as well as by Coachings the transfer of the content and learnings of the topics innovation and leadership are ensured.

Cost per participant: €5,350 plus travel and lodging

Workshop language: The Future Journey is a group wide-program with the aim of international networking. The workshops are mostly held in English.

Dates for the next Future Journey program:

Module 1:

November 05-07, 2019

Module 2:

January 14-16, 2020

Module 3:

March 16th and 17th, 2020

How to apply for the Future Journey (starting November 2019)


lights, camera, action – video of the Future Journey

Your questions – our answers

What is leadership level 4?

Leadership level 4 (LE4) = level just below the top executive level, such as Head of Controlling, Head of CM Fresh, Head of Logistics, Sales Manager, Head of IT, Category Manager (Germany), Functional Area Manager (Germany), Regional Department Head (Germany) and so forth.

What does the group of seminar participants look like?

The seminars are offered Group-wide for all employees at leadership level 4. The participants are managers from various sales lines.

How many options can I attend each year?

Basically, you make this decision in consultation with your supervisor. In our planning, we currently assume that you will participate in only one option (seminar or Future Journey) each year.

I can´t find the seminar in PRIMUS. What can I do?

Use the search function at the bottom right of the PRIMUS Learning page. By applying “LEAD 4.0” in the search field you receive an overview of all seminar offerings of LEAD 4.0.

Does my supervisor have to approve my participation in the seminar or the Future Journey program? 

Yes, your supervisor’s approval is required for both options. For PRIMUS-Users the supervisor´s approval occurs via the general approval workflow. 

Do I have to attend all the sessions of the Future Journey program?

Yes, you must participate in all the sessions.

Where can I submit a proposal for a future seminar topic?

Please write to:

Contact Us

Do you have questions or suggestions? Please send them to: We look forward to hearing from you.

Would you like to talk with us in person? Here are the appropriate contacts.